Dancer’s Wish List


This product has been endorsed by several of our families… Dancers have MANY costume pieces, accessories, and shoes.  The words “LABEL EVERYTHING” cannot be said often enough.  The “School Pack” is recommended as a great starter kit (should be plenty to get you through a season)… with an occasional “fill-in” order of small and extra small labels each following season.


A sturdy makeup case is a MUST for competition season!  Below are some options your dancer is SURE TO LOVE!! You can find these at Target, Sephora, ULTA, or Amazon.





Here is a GREAT rolling duffel for your dancer.  While there are many solutions to transporting costumes, shoes and makeup to competitions and shows, some of our dancers have found this is the perfect solution for them. In the Vibe/FootNotes dressing rooms, you will most often see the MEDIUM BLACK duffel.


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