NEXSTAR Reminders


Reminder to activate your dancer account in DanceBug which will give you access to livestream, digital program info, and photos/videos of this competition.  NEXSTAR sent Cheryl another link yesterday, so click on this one and follow the steps to make sure your dancer is activated if you have not logged into DanceBug yet.   Click here to access the link.

Dancers need to be at the venue at 7:30am on Saturday, May 1 (venue is: Clayton County Performing Arts Center.)  Please click here to be directed to the password protected NEXSTAR 2021 web page with all the details.

Live Stream appears to be available through the DanceBug app, as well as through this link on the NexStar website in case your family and friends want to watch on a PC.   

For those that like a hard copy program, we were able to download this from the app this AM.   Click here to access the program if you want a hard copy.   

Note that for returning dancers, the DanceBug app works a little different.  The newer version of DanceBug seems to have a few “bugs”…no pun intended :-).  It appears the newer version has a few more features (like I could download the program), but it does have some quirkiness.   However, both versions allow you to see the Live Stream and the Full Schedule.  

Questions on the schedule or any information contained in the document:  please contact us at

Reminder: Next Season’s Vibe Auditions are May 15 & 16

This is a reminder to fill out the Audition form for next season, even if you are a current Vibe member. Cheryl needs an accurate count of dancers that will be participating in the upcoming Auditions. Click here to access the Audition form. Auditions will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16. There is a $20 audition fee that FootNotes will charge to your account. Below are the details:

  • Saturday, May 15th Audition Prep Day ~ This is when students will learn the combos that they will perform in the Audition. Dancers can go home, practice and come back the next day feeling more confident! (Ages 6-9 are from 10:30-11:45am; Ages 10-13 are from 11:45-1:00pm; and Ages 14 & older are from 1:00-2:15pm).
  • Sunday, May 16 Audition Day ~ (Ages 6-9 are from 12:30-1:30pm; Ages 10-13 are from 1:30-2:30pm; Ages 14 & older are from 2:30-3:30pm).
  • Invitations will be announced shortly after the Audition in May. However, what team you make will not be announced until July 5th.

Next Stop…NEXSTAR!


Our 4th and final regional competition of the 2020-2021 dance season…..NEXSTAR here we come! All of the schedule and venue info you need for the NexStar National Talent Competition at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center on Saturday, May 1st can be found here.  Please click here to be directed to the password protected NEXSTAR 2021 web page.

Questions on the schedule or any information contained in the document:  please contact us at

Recital Trophies & Flower Bouquets For Sale & Reminder about FN Picture Week

The Vibe is selling Recital Flower Bouquets and Trophies! 

They are available for sale on Vibe’s online store. Simply place your order, and your flower bouquet and/or trophy will be waiting for you at the Trophy and Flower table in the lobby of the FootNotes recital venue (Infinite Energy Center) on Saturday, June 5 prior to the 2pm and 6pm shows.

We will be selling Trophies and Flower Bouquets during Picture Week as well this Monday through Thursday. You may purchase these items now through Tuesday, May 18 end of day, so get your order in today, and check that one off your end of year “to do” list!   

REMINDER: Don’t forget FootNotes Picture Week starts today! ALL Groups are scheduled at the Studio TODAY for the Production picture at 3:15pm (and Bravo and Elite group pics are before and after that). Click here to be linked to the web post that contains the picture schedule and all the details about Picture Week.

Solo, Duo, Trio SUG slots added

Cheryl has added more slots (for this weekend) to the Solo, Duo, Trio Signup Genius. Click here to access the Signup Genius.

Make sure that you note on the Signup Genius whether you are signing up for your dancer’s solo, duo, or trio rehearsal.   Please make sure that only 1 mom or dancer signs up for a given slot for a duo or trio.  

Dancers, please remember the following:

  • Please bring your music to the private lesson.
  • Please bring payment ($35 for a 30 minute session with Cheryl or Madison) at the start of each rehearsal.  There is no option to have this charge added to your FootNotes account.  All dancers must pay the instructor directly by either check, Venmo, or cash.
  • If your dancer is unable to attend your booked rehearsal session, you must notify FootNotes at, at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled time.   If you ‘miss’/forget a rehearsal that you have signed up for, you are still responsible for the payment to the instructor.
  • As always, dancers are always free to book an empty room to practice on their own.

Applause Results & Photos/Videos Available

Click here to access the Applause Talent Results & Photos/Videos web page.    It is password protected (with same password as provided at the beginning of the season). We have linked their Results page from their website, as well as provided you with instructions on how to download pictures and videos from the event.

Be sure to also check out Cheryl’s post today on Facebook and Instagram recapping the team’s results from the Applause Talent competition! We have a super-talented group of dancers and instructors at FootNotes! Congratulations to ALL dancers and their instructors and choreographers! Well done!!

***Reminder (and please remind your dancers):   Photos may be posted on social media, but DO NOT post videos of any dances until AFTER this competition season is over.

Schedule Updates & Reminders about FN Picture Week

WOW, what an amazing weekend at Applause Talent!    We are so proud of all of our dancers!  This is a long post with lots of important info about Picture Week.   Please read on.  

Below are Rehearsal Schedule details for next week (week of April 25) during Picture Week.  The Master Calendar has been updated.

  • Monday, April 26 
    • OVATION:  4:30 – 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, April 27
    • ELITE – Singer:  7 – 7:30pm
    • ELITE – Where Are We Now:  7:30 – 8pm
    • ALL ELITE:    8 – 9:30pm
  • Wednesday, April 28
    • PRODIGY:  5 – 6:30pm
    • PREMIER & PRODIGY Hip Hop:  6:30 – 7:30pm
    • PREMIER:  7:30 – 8:30pm
  • Thursday, April 29
    • BRAVO:  4 – 6:00pm
    • ENCORE:  5  – 7:00pm
    • ELITE – Vogue:  7 – 7:30pm
    • ALL ELITE:   7:30 – 9:30pm

FootNotes Picture Week Details 

Click here to access the FootNotes Picture Week newsletter that was sent out last week.

Below are details about Timing and Hair and Make-up for Picture Week, along with specifics about securing your dancer’s spot for individual pictures. 

    • Schedule:
      • Click here to access the FootNotes group picture schedule…we thought we would share it here for easy access.  Picture Week runs from Sunday, April 25 through Thursday, April 29.  Check the schedule above for days and times when your dancer’s pictures will be taken…note for some groups that it may be on multiple days.
    • Hair and Make-up for Picture Week:
      • Dancers need to be in Vibe competition hair and stage make-up (no lashes…but you do need mascara) for all group dances.
      • For ballet (If your dancer’s ballet pics are NOT on the same day as other company group pictures), dancers should wear their hair in a high bun at the crown of their head (follow the natural upsweeping line of the cheekbone for correct alignment of the bun; it should be high but not on top of their head). There should be no part in the hair.
    • At the Studio:  Space in the studio will be limited during picture week.  ALL GROUPS If you have 1 or 2 pictures being taken on any given day, please do not bring your Dream Duffel.  Just bring your dancer’s costume, shoes and accessories in a smaller bag. Please come “picture-ready” (make-up and hair completely done) and dressed in your first costume.  Bring make-up and hair accessories for touch-ups.   Plan to be flexible given the space constraints. 
      • Moms and dancers: please remember to wear your masks in the studio.  Dancers will take their masks off to be photographed, but will wear them in between photo sessions.  
    • IMPORTANT:  Releve links – Review/take action on these, THIS WEEK! 
      • Please visit this link for all RelevePHOTO info:  click here
      • To make a Deposit for pictures (this also “schedules” with Releve that you want your dancer to have an individual picture taken): click here
        • This deposit is REQUIRED for Solo, Duos, and Trios, if you want your  dancer photographed in her solo/duo/trio costume(s).   Releve will not be able to accommodate ‘last minute’/same day sign-ups for solos/duos/trios.   You must sign-up for an available “Comp Session” slot for FN.  There are slots each day…an example of what you are looking for is: FN – Sun25 | compSESSION.    Click on the link, and you will see the timeslots available.   There are “compSESSIONs” on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   If you cannot find a day that works for your dancer’s schedule, reach out to Releve staff at  
        • If you want your dancer photographed individually in a group dance costume, you should also make a deposit for that dance, so that Releve knows how many individual photos they will be taking for each group dance.   It helps them with timing/planning.  The Deposit you make ahead of time can be used for any pictures that you end up purchasing from Releve.   Click here and go to the “Deposits” tab to learn more about how the Deposit works.

Showcase Videos

If you ordered USB(s) of the 2021 Showcase performances (Saturday and Sunday shows), they will be ready for distribution this Sunday, April 18 at the Applause competition. Amy Smith will be distributing the USB’s and will give them to group moms to distribute to those that purchased them.