APPLAUSE Schedule Update…

We have a few schedule updates from Applause. The latest schedule, along with “Doors Open” times, have been updated on the website.  Please review the Applause document if you have not had a chance to do so.   Details about the Applause app (we recommend downloading it), as well as details about photos/videos for this weekend (you need to sign up your dancer(s)/family for access to photos/videos) are explained on our Applause web page.

Please click here to be directed to the password protected VPC/Applause Talent 2019 web page.

Questions on the schedule or any information contained in the document:  please contact us at

Bigs/Littles…Let’s Clap & Cheer at Applause

Let’s make some noise at APPLAUSE TALENT this coming weekend!  Let’s give our BIGS & LITTLES an “APPLAUSE” with this fun clapper. White clappers will be at the studio for the dancers to pick up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week (March 19-21). Please decorate a clapper for your BIG or LITTLE.

You can use paint pens, permanent markers, jewels, etc. BE CREATIVE! Bring your decorated clapper to Chattanooga to give to your BIG or LITTLE during the competition so that everyone can use them to make some noise! 👋

***(If you have 2 Littles, please pick up and decorate 2 clappers)


Here it is… All of the schedule and venue info you need for the Applause Talent Competition in Chattanooga!!  Please click here to be directed to the password protected VPC/Applause Talent 2019 web page.

You will note we eliminated some of the repetitive or ‘extra’ information from the document in hopes that people will read the entire document.  The information listed is important and should be reviewed with your dancer prior to the competition.

We will update the document as additional/updated information from Applause is sent out.   We will post a blog update with changes.

Questions on the schedule or any information contained in the document:  please contact us at  Have a great day!!

Give Back with Mascara Wands

Who has more used mascara wands than a group of competitive dancers??    The Ecks have found an easy way for our team to give back.   The Wands for Wildlife initiative upcycles used mascara wands to clean away oil, larvae, fly eggs, mites, infections, mud, and other contaminants from wildlife.  There will be a collection box for the used wands at the studio front desk.  We will be collecting them now through Saturday, April 20.  If you wish, you can clean the wands with Dawn dish detergent (or we will clean them before they are sent to Wands for Wildlife).  So, clean out your make-up bag or drawer today, and see how many used mascara wands you can find!

Masquerade Recap

Below is a detailed awards listing from Cheryl for Masquerade 2019.   She posted (via FootNotes) an awards recap on Facebook and Instagram also.

From Cheryl:

Our first full company competition of the season is a wrap! Our Vibe Performance Company dance family pulled off several audience choice awards, many overalls (highest scores), 4 special judges awards, 3 Industry Dance Award nominations, 6 stand out dancers chosen for their Parade of Stars, and an Encore award for our Senior small group, Golden Years (most entertaining act of the day)!

We were in the company of some very talented studios and dancers, and we couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments as the first time out!  Our dancers did so well!  Below is a detailed recap:

Reese Pozzuoli  – Platinum & Judges Choice award
Grace Knezevich  – Platinum
Josie Farrar  – High Gold
Avery Beall  – Unmasked Elite and 5th Overall Senior Solos
Ellie Schmidt  – Unmasked Elite & 6th Overall Senior Solos
Teagan Woodson  – Platinum & 8th Overall Senior Solos & Judges Choice award
Avery Nowlin – Platinum & 10th Overall Senior Solos
Avery Pursell – Platinum
Kaia Murphy – High Gold
Isabella Coppola – High Gold
Gianni Bove – Platinum
Hannah Harrison – Platinum
Chelsea Baker – Platinum
Brooke Horel – High Gold
Sofia Coppola – High Gold
Erin Horel – High Gold
Katie Wilson – High Gold
Anna Cangelosi – Platinum and 9th Place Overall Teen Solos
Kami Hewitt  – Platinum and Judges Choice award
Helen Wamey – High Gold
Mackenzie Madison – Platinum and 4th Place Overall Teen Solos

Fabulous – Platinum  and 3rd Overall Junior Gold Duo/Trios
Ghost – Platinum and 5th Overall Senior Purple Duo/Trios

Hallelujah I Love Him So – High Gold
Me Too – High Gold

Peppermint Twist – Platinum and 1st Overall Petite Green Large Group
Disco Divas – Platinum

Sassy Saloon – Platinum

The Garden – Platinum
Pretty Girls – Platinum and invited back to perform an Encore
C’mon Everybody – High Gold

Mean Girls – Platinum and 1st Overall Teen Gold Large Groups/Lines

Keep Breathing – Platinum
Havana – Platinum
Funk Soul – High Gold
The Face – Platinum

Too Darn Hot – Platinum and 2nd Overall Teen Purple Large Groups

Jump Off – Unmasked Elite and 4th Overall Senior Purple Large Groups
Golden Years – Unmasked Elite, 4th Overall Senior Purple Small Group, and Encore Award winner for Sunday
Bonnie’s Gang – Platinum and Judges Choice winner
Ready for Love – Platinum
Diamonds – Platinum
Flames – Platinum
Integrate – Platinum
Wings – Platinum
Send Your Dreams – Platinum
Drop It – Platinum

Industry Dance Awards nominations
Musical Theatre – Too Darn Hot
Tap – Bonnie’s Gang
Hip Hop – Jump Off

Mackenzie Madison – Steven Boyd Memorial award recipient for Sunday

Parade of Stars winners: Reese Pozzuoli, Avery Beall, Avery Nowlin, Ellie Schmidt, Helen Wamey, & Mackenzie Madison

Hopefully this is a complete list of all of our awards…if anything is missing or inaccurate, please know these are very hard to keep track of while at competition.  Email us at with any corrections. 😊

Thanks, Cheryl

Big/Little To Do for Masquerade

Bigs and Littles…it’s time to get this competition season started!   Part of being on our team is encouraging each other throughout the competition.  We thought an Acrostic Poem would be a fun way to show your Big or Little how much you are supporting them.

Also, make sure that you are at the venue to cheer on your BIG or LITTLE this weekend. Dancers can give the poem to their Big/Little at any time during the Masquerade competition.

Best of luck to all of the dancers at Masquerade this weekend.  💜💚

Optional…Attach a treat to your note if you wish.   🍭

Poem Example:  Sara

S – Sassy  & superior girl

A – Amazing dancer

R – Radiantly beautiful to watch

A – Awesome & Admirable

Let The Good Times Roll…at Masquerade!

Here it is… All of the schedule and venue information you need for the Masquerade Dance Competition the weekend of March 8 through 10!!   Please review all of the details in the document with your dancer.    Please click here to be directed to the password protected Masquerade 2019 webpage.

If you have questions, please direct them to your group leader.