Parent Kickoff Meeting

Mark your calendar…the Parent “Kickoff of the Season” Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31 at 6pm at the Studio. Lots of “company” information will be shared. We anticipate the meeting will run 1.5 hours, but depending on questions, it could run longer.  This is a mandatory meeting so please make every effort for 1 parent to attend.

Also, a “New to the Vibe” Parent Meeting will immediately follow the Parent Kickoff meeting.  Please plan to stay an additional 15-30 minutes if possible.  We will cover all that you need to know if this is your first year in Vibe!

    • Note that this is a parent only meeting (dancers should not attend).  Only 1 parent needs to attend, but both are welcome!
    • Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on.
    • Bring your phone and/or calendar notebook.  Cheryl will have some of our competition/convention/workshop dates and other information to share with us.
    • Your Vibe Parent and Dancer Contract Agreement to FootNotes for this 2019-20 dance season is due.   If you haven’t already turned this document in, please make sure that this is completed and turned into the front desk at the studio by July 31.

Reminders – Forms Due Friday, July 12

Reminder:   3 forms are due tomorrow/Friday, July 12.  They are:  1) Schedule Conflicts, 2) Member Directory information, and 3) Solo/Duo/Trio/Small Group Interest forms…we need to hear from you by end of day tomorrow (Friday) if you have not already filled out the forms.  You can access all 3 of these forms from the Team To Do List webpage (as a reminder this page is password protected, and the Members Only password for the website can be found in the Welcome email that was sent out on Monday, July 8).  If you have already filled out these forms, thank you for your attention to this!

A note about Schedule Conflicts…Cheryl needs these as she is trying to plan weekend choreography schedules, etc. for August and September.    If you have other conflicts that come up later in the dance year, we will give you the opportunity to add to your conflicts with a separate entry form.  So, please enter any conflicts that you know about now.  We want to hear from everyone to ensure that Cheryl has a complete view of the conflicts.  Even if you have no conflicts, please fill out the form with “N/A” in all months.  

First Post of the 2019-2020 Season – Master Calendar Updates!

Welcome all…this is our first web post of this new dance season!   We have some Choreography dates listed by group name to share with you – see below.  Click on the Master Calendar to view these calendar updates.

  • All times on the below are To Be Determined.   Please keep all of these dates open/available on your calendars.   The exact start and stop times will be posted (and you will receive a blog post update via email) as soon as Cheryl finalizes them with the choreographers.
  • IMPORTANT:  This is NOT all of the choreography that will be scheduled during the Choreography Weeks starting Friday, July 26 through Sunday, August 11.  We will post additional choreography dates as soon as they are finalized with the choreographers.  Therefore, ALL GROUPS should keep all dates for choreography weeks open.  

All Groups:   Production Lock-in will be September 13-15 weekend.  This is for ALL GROUPS and is mandatory.  For those new to Vibe, Production Lock-in is an overnight, in-studio event where the dancers learn the choreography for the Production routine (which will be choreographed by Jon Carr). Dancers will meet at the studio late afternoon and over the course of the night, they are taught the choreography.  They will spend the night and will be picked up by parents in the early AM. We do not know if this will be a Friday/Saturday, or Saturday/Sunday event….please keep the entire weekend open.


  • July 26-28 ~ Tap


  • July 26-28 ~ Tap
  • July 29-30 ~ Jazz


  • July 27-28 ~ Contemporary
  • August 24 & September 21 ~ Tap


  • Aug 2-4 ~ Contemporary with Cherrise
  • Aug 4-6 ~ Hip Hop with Ricky
  • August 24 & September 21 ~ Tap


  • Aug 4-6 ~ Hip Hop with Ricky
  • Aug 9-11 ~ Contemporary with Jon Carr


  • July 27 ~ Cherrise Large Group
  • July 28 ~ Cherrise Small Group
  • Aug 3 ~ Cherrise Large Group
  • Aug 4 ~ Cherrise Small Group
  • Aug 4-6 ~ Hip Hop with Ricky
  • Aug 9-11 ~ Jon Carr Small Group
  • Oct 18-20 ~ Jon Carr Large Group
  • Note: the make-up of each of these Small Groups is determined by choreographer and will be communicated when they are known.

Raise the Barre Reminder

REMINDER: The Raise the Barre dance intensive (week of June 17 – 21) is next week! Please click here for the schedule details in case you can’t find your email about it. FootNotes has an amazing lineup of educators slated for Raise the Barre: Madison Benson, Jon Carr, Nathan Griswold, Adrienne Hicks, Miki Hoiriis, Stephen “Stevo” Jones, Angela Kahle, Ricky Maalouf, Brian Mason, Kelsey Nelson, Mary Beth Stinson, Allison Swinson and Cherrise Wakeham.   Classes include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Stretch/Strength, Turns & Leaps and Conditioning.

It’s going to be a week of unprecedented growth, knowledge, creativity, and inspiration with some of the nation’s most sought after faculty! This week serves as auditions for our competitive teams, The Vibe Performance Company.

  • First, if your dancer will be auditioning, please fill out an audition form if you have not done so already…Click here.  Cheryl wants an accurate count of who is auditioning before Raise the Barre begins, so please complete the audition form by Sunday, June 16. If you have not filled out the form, please do so ASAP.
  • Second, if you have not registered for Raise the Barre, please enroll by Friday, June 14th.  You can register online…Click here.   Tuition is $375 for the Junior level and $400 for Intermediate and Advanced levels for the week.

A few reminders for you/your dancer:

  • Guidelines for level placement are:
    • Junior Level – Ages 6-10/11
    • Intermediate Level – Ages 11-15
    • Advanced Level – Ages 14 & up, dancing at a more advanced level

If you have questions about level placement, please email FootNotes at

  • Dancers should pack a light, healthy lunch as well as healthy snacks that can be eaten quickly for energy in between classes. Don’t forget water bottles!
  • Please dress in fitted dance attire with no baggy t-shirts or shorts. Dance shorts or leggings with a sports bra and tank are acceptable, as long as it is neat and tasteful. Please represent yourselves and FootNotes in a professional way and as dancers who take pride in their appearance.
  • Bring ALL DANCE SHOES (sneakers for HipHop, not boots).
  • When possible, please wear a black leotard and pink tights for Ballet and have hair secured in a bun. All tights should be clean and free of holes and runs.
  • Hair should be pulled back in a high pony or high bun, or braided for all classes….done neatly is the key.  
  • As always, please remind your dancer that there will be some dancers visiting, as well as FootNotes recreational dancers at Raise the Barre week.  Please ask your Vibe dancer to make all dancers and teachers feel welcome at FootNotes, and to be kind and courteous at all times.  Please make sure that we set the standard for how we keep the studio clean at lunch and snack breaks during the week…Vibe dancers should always remember to keep the studio tidy and cleanup after ourselves at all breaks.

We look forward to seeing everyone at RAISE THE BARRE!

Vibe-Specific Recital Signup Genius + EOY Party reminder

We have some Vibe-specific volunteer requests that are needed for our 2019 Ignite Your Light Recital…we need help with Flower Sales & Distribution/Candy Bouquet Sales, Shout Out Sales, and Prop Setup & Assembly.  Click here to access the Vibe Recital Signup Genius to sign up for these positions.  As you are signing up, please make sure that another Recital volunteer position you are signed up for does not conflict.  You will see details of timing noted in the Signup Genius.  If you have questions, just email us at

Also, please remember to RSVP to the Vibe End of Year Party (which will be held on Tuesday, May 28 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm at the Nesbit Lakes pool/clubhouse.)  The EOY Party coordinators need to know the # of people attending by this Tuesday, May 21, end of day.  We have had about 2/3rd’s of the team respond so far.  Reminder below about party details/what you need to do:

It will be a fun evening to celebrate our amazing season with dinner, swimming (if you want), as well as a time to recognize our 2 Seniors, our Group Moms and Prop Dads, and Teachers.   Remember to bring/wear your bathing suit and a towel!

Our EOY Party Chairs (a BIG thanks to Lisa Farrar and Trisha Urrea for planning our party!) are planning a menu of sandwiches and salads catered from Newk’s. The Menu includes:

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Newk’s Club Sandwich – ham, turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, & tomato
  • Vegetarian Sandwich w/ portobello mushrooms, pesto, roasted red pepper & goat cheese
  • Salads will include:   Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad,  & Green Salad
  • Chips & Dessert
  • Water

NOTE: Individual Coolers are allowed at Nesbit Lakes….so you are welcome to BYOBeverages!   NO GLASS containers to drink from, please!

Through our collective fundraising efforts this year, the Vibe will pay for ALL the Vibe dancers and teachers attending, PLUS one adult/guest per dancer. Additional family members will be $14/per person.    

Action Items:

First….Please check here to fill out the form to RSVP to the party so that we can get an accurate headcount for planning the food.  We need your RSVP by Tuesday, May 21 end of day.

Second…click here if you are bringing a second parent, and/or siblings to the End of Year Party. We ask that you pay for the additional family members prior to the event. We need payment by Tuesday, May 21 end of day.

IGNITE YOUR LIGHT…Recital Info Details

Recital Info for Vibe Dancers…

Lots of Recital details for Vibe dancers, so please read on!   Our 2019 Ignite Your Light Recital Showcase is Sunday, June 2 with shows at 2pm and 7pm at the Infinite Energy Center.   And Dress Rehearsals will be on Saturday, June 1 at 2pm and 7pm.   Click here for Recital Show Order.
  • Arrival Time for ALL Vibe dancers is 12:30pm for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital Day.
    • Parents, please note that dancers at the 2pm show must leave the venue in between the 2 shows at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  Your dancer may stay at the venue in between shows IF she has adult supervision (if your group wants to bring in food/eat together at the venue).  Dancers need to be show ready by 6pm sharp each day for the 7pm show.
    • MOMS:  If you wish to be backstage during one or both shows, click here to signup to be a Backstage Helper on the FootNotes Signup Genius.  Only moms listed on the FootNotes Signup Genius will be allowed to be backstage. With 60 dancers in company, backstage space at the venue will be limited.
  • Hairstyle Details:  Dancers should wear the competition hairstyle, High Pony (flat ironed/straightened) for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital.    Hair tie must match your dancer’s hair color.  There should be no part in the dancer’s hair.  All ballet pieces must have a bun.  Dancers will need to have their high pony transitioned into a high bun for this dance.  The bun must be a neat, tight bun (NOT messy).
    • For the ballet piece, Joie De L’eau, it is a combination of Bravo, Elite, Ovation & Premier Vibe dance groups.
    • In the 2pm show, the Joie De L’eau Ballet piece is mid-way through Act 2.  Dancers must have hair transitioned into a bun by the end of Intermission.  Moms need to check/do the bun for your dancer during Intermission (or ask…ahead of time…another mom to do it for you).  NOTE: If you are not a backstage Mom, this is the only time Moms should be backstage in the dressing room areas.  
      • Too Darn Hot (Premier & Elite), Mean Girls (Premier & Ovation), The Garden (Ovation) dancers should have buns completed by the end of Intermission. (The Garden will wear a bun for this dance.) 
      • Disco Divas (Bravo)** dancers should have buns completed by the end of Intermission.   **The exception to this if you are in the acro piece, I Do What I Do….dancers in this piece should have their hair transitioned into a bun after this dance.
      • Applause ballet piece is Love Me Tender, in Act 1 of the 2pm show.   Dancers will need bun for this dance…dancer’s hair will be transitioned to a bun as soon as Hallelujah, I Love Him So is completed in Act 1.
      • FOR ALL DANCERS: As soon as your Ballet piece is complete, dancers should take the bun out of hair and re-straighten the high pony as needed/if you have time.  Just a comb/brush through the hair may be all that is needed.    
    • For those dancers assisting with rec classes in the 2pm show (Elite and Premier), please start with hair in a straight pony, and have your dancer bring her bun/hair accessories with them so that your dancer can stay with her assigned rec dancer group, and get her hair transitioned into and out of the bun at the appropriate time.  Your dancer’s hair should be in a bun for the least amount of time to avoid crimping the pony.     
    • In the 7pm show, the Joie De L’eau Ballet piece is the first dance of Act 2, so again, Moms need to check/do the bun for your dancer during Intermission (or ask…ahead of time…another mom to do it for you).    NOTE: If you are not a backstage Mom, this is the only time Moms should be backstage in the dressing room areas. 
      • Dancer’s hair must be transitioned into a bun during intermission for all groups performing in the 7pm show…including Bravo, Elite, Ovation, & Premier.  (All of these groups have dances  in Act 1 of the 7pm show.)
      • As soon as the Joie De L’eau Ballet piece is complete, dancers should take the bun out of hair and re-straighten the high pony as needed/if you have time.  Just a comb/brush through the hair may be all that is needed.    
      • The exception to taking the bun out is The Garden/Ovation…leave your hair in a bun for this dance. 
    • Makeup:  On Saturday for the Dress Rehearsal, light makeup is acceptable/full stage makeup is not required.  On Sunday for the Recital, dancers must wear full competition makeup.   This includes lashes and our competition lipstick color.  There is no need to change the color of lipstick for ballet.     
    • Vibe Dancers will assist with escorting rec dancers to their appropriate rooms, etc. at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital. Elite and Premier dancers will be assisting with the rec classes at the 2pm show.  A list of rec class assignments will be sent out this coming week. Dancers are to check-in with Christy as soon as they arrive.
    • More slots have been added to the FootNotes Sign-up Genius should you want to be Backstage to assist your group.

KAR Recap

Below is a recap from Cheryl from KAR...WAY TO GO, VIBE Dancers!

Funkey Monkey – 1st Overall, Top 1st – Best Costume
Work – Top 1st

Hallelujah I Love Him So – Elite Top 1st – 4th Overall
Me Too – Elite Top 1st – 7th Overall

Peppermint Twist – Elite Top 1st – 2nd Overall
Disco Divas – Top 1st – 3rd Overall

Pretty Girls – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall “Pure Energy” award
C’mon Everybody – Elite Top 1st – 2nd Overall
The Garden – Elite Top 1st – 3rd Overall

Sassy Saloon – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall

Mean Girls – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall

The Face – Elite Top 1st – 2nd Overall
Keep Breathing – Elite Top 1st – 3rd Overall
Too Darn Hot – Elite Top 1st – 4th Overall
Havana – Elite Top 1st – 5th Overall
Funk Soul – Elite Top 1st – 6th Overall

Ready For Love – Top 1st
Wings – Top 1st – Video of the Week – Most Entertaining
Bonnie’s Gang – Elite Top 1st – IDA
Jump Off – 5th overall – Elite Top 1st
Integrate-1st Overall – Elite Top 1st – IDA
Diamonds – Top 1st
Send Your Dreams – Elite Top 1st
Flames – 3rd Overall – Elite Top 1st
Drop It – 2nd Overall – Elite Top 1st – IDA
Golden Years -1st Overall – Elite Top 1st – IDA

4 IDA nominations

Grown Woman – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall – Secondary Junior Solo
Amazing – Elite Top 1st – 3rd Overall – Secondary Teen Solo
Stand By Me – Elite Top 1st – 5th Overall – Secondary Teen Solo
Fabulous – Elite Top 1st – 4th Overall – Secondary Junior Duet/Trio

Weather – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall – Intermediate Teen Solo
Melodies & Desires – Elite Top 1st – 2nd Overall – Intermediate Teen Solo
Beautiful – Elite Top 1st – 3rd Overall – Intermediate Teen Solo
How Deep Is Your Love – Elite Top 1st – 5th Overall – Intermediate Teen Solo
Crash – Top 1st
Say Something – Top 1st

Ghost –  Elite Top 1st – 2nd Overall – Elite Senior Duet/Trio

Weep – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall – Elite Teen Solo

Cosmic Love – Elite Top 1st – 1st Overall – Elite Senior Solo
Juliet – Elite Top 1st – 7th Overall – Elite Senior Solo
Slumber – Elite Top 1st – 8th Overall – Elite Senior Solo
Tea Leaf Tales – Elite Top 1st
Spine -Top 1st
Radio Silence -Top 1st
Dark Paradise – Top 1st
Below My Feet – Top 1st
Hope There’s Someone – Top 1st
Near Light – Top 1st
La Lune – Top 1st

Hopefully, this is a complete list of our awards…if anything is missing or inaccurate, please know these are very hard to keep track of while at competition.  Email us at with any corrections. 😊