More Master Calendar Updates

We have several Master Calendar updates to share with you.   Due to unanticipated scheduling issues with choreographers that had been booked and then were not able to fulfill their commitment within the timeframes needed, Cheryl has had to find new choreographers for several of this season’s dances.  With that said, the following Master Calendar changes have been made…these changes affect ALL groups, so please make sure that you sync up your calendar with these updates:

The Dance Workshop/Convention we were planning to go to the weekend of November 5 will be moved to the weekend of February 25-27, 2022.    We will attend Radix Dance Convention on those February dates.  We need the weekend of November 5 for choreography for some of the groups.    Details are listed below.

  • Weekend of November 5-7 – Choreography will be set for PREMIER Large Group and ELITE dances (to be determined – Cheryl will discuss options and will finalize with the Elite dancers).  The Dance Workshop/Convention for that weekend has been removed from the calendar.
  • The potential choreography for ELITE and PREMIER that was scheduled for November 12 weekend has been removed from the calendar (it is now scheduled for November 5-7).
  • The second Dance Workshop/Convention has been added to February 25-27, 2022.

Other Master Calendar updates include:

  • Group Photos for ALL GROUPS are set for Saturday, October 30 (exact time TBD – but assume it will be afternoon to sundown).  We realize there are some conflicts on this date, but it is really the only date available between our calendar and the photographer.  

Please make note of these changes in your calendar.  

Big/Little Reveal Details

The Big Little Reveal is set for Monday, September 27 from 6pm – 6:30pm at the Studio.

Big Sisters, listed below, are determined by the oldest 1/2 of the dance team. The youngest 1/2 of team are Little Sisters. Big and Little Sisters will be matched randomly on the day of the event. Both the BIG and the LITTLE will find out their ‘match’ during the Reveal!

To Do” for Big Sisters: Purchase TWO pairs of crazy, interesting socks – one pair for you and one for your Little Sister to match. Also bring a themed, small gift or sweet treat for their little to enjoy on the the Reveal! Please bring the LITTLE’s pair of sock to the Studio labeled with your (the BIG Sister) name and drop in the labeled box at the front desk. We will be collecting socks starting Monday, 9/20 through Thursday, 9/24.

Thank you to our Big/Little Sister Chair, Isabel Moulthrop, and her committee, for coordinating this event!

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to attend, please let Isabel Moulthrop know (her cell is: 203.312.3348) ASAP so that we can make provisions for those that will not have a match at the Reveal.

Master Calendar Updates

We have the following updates to the Master Calendar:

The Premier Small Group choreography is being moved from the weekend of September 17 to the weekend of September 25-26.   Therefore, the following updates have been made to the Master Calendar (ELITE: please note the time change on Sunday):

Saturday, September 25

  • ELITE Large Group 10am – 1pm (already on the calendar)
  • PREMIER Small Group 2pm – 5pm 

Sunday, September 26

  • ELITE Large Group 10am – 1pm (NOTE THIS IS A TIME CHANGE)
  • PREMIER Small Group 2pm – 5pm 

PREMIER:  The Premier Small Group dancers will be selected/announced on Wednesday, September 22 after the choreographer has spent time with the group during Tuesday night’s class.

Please make note of these changes in your calendar.  

Reminders on Action Items Due

Due Soon…Reminders from the Parent Information Communication:

  • If you haven’t turned in your Vibe Parent and Dancer Contract to Cheryl, please turn it into the front desk at the Studio ASAP.  The Vibe Contract is located on the Member Information page of the website.
  • The Vibe Medical Release Form must be filled out for each dancer for the new season. Click here to access the Medical Release form; please have it completed for your dancer by this Sunday, September 12 end of day.  This form is also listed on the Team To Do List webpage. Thank you to those that have filled the Medical Release Form out already!

Parents Night Out at FN Planned!

We are planning a Parents Night Out event at FootNotes on Friday, October 1. 

  • Just like previous years, we will plan on dancing, games & crafts, pizza, and a movie for children between the ages of 3-11 (event hours are 6pm – 9pm).  We need dancers and a few parents to volunteer for the event.
  • If you/your dancer would like to VOLUNTEER for the event, click here to access the Signup Genius.
  • Volunteers MUST arrive by 5:30pm to help setup, lead activities and are expected to stay until 9:30pm for cleanup.    All volunteers must wear a mask while at the event (we will be following standard FootNotes Covid guidelines).
    • Dancers: You will be expected to assist in various activities with the children, the entire length of the Parent Night Out event.  Dancers who volunteer can earn Beta hours for participating.
    • Minimum dancer age to volunteer is 13 years old.   If Mom/Dad has questions on whether your child should sign-up to volunteer, please feel free to email us at

Cheryl will be advertising the date/time soon to FootNotes families.  Please feel free to pass on info about the event to your friends and neighbors!    Click here – Use this link to signup to have your child ATTEND the event.


Master Calendar Updates

We have the following updates to the Master Calendar:

We have removed the potential choreography for the weekend of September 17 for ELITE Small Group.     Please update your calendar. 

REMINDER:  Potential Choreography for PREMIER Small Group WILL be the weekend of September 17.  Details will be coming as soon as they are available.  Please keep this weekend open.    

We have added a potential choreography placeholder for November 12-14 for both ELITE and PREMIER.  We will update you as soon as we have details.

Please make note of these changes in your calendar.  

Condo & Hotel Info for Nationals

Our Logistics committee (Trisha Urrea & Dayna Thomson – Thanks Ladies!) have been busy pulling together the Nationals competition condo and hotel options information.  They have a condo option identified.   Hotel information in the area is still being finalized.  Details are explained in the web page listed below.   

We will update the Competition Accommodations Information webpage via the blog as we receive updates on hotel rate options (you will receive an email when this web page listed below is updated).   

Click here to access the Competition Accommodations Information web page (password protected with this season’s password).

NOTE:  Regional competition hotel information will be coming soon.

Dance Season Info & Master Calendar Updates


The Vibe Dance Season Information Communication document has been added to the Member Information webpage.  This is information we traditionally have had an “all parent” meeting at the Studio. We have elected to provide you with this information via the website this year instead of requiring a meeting of all parents.  This document contains IMPORTANT information about our season, including all mandatory Dance Convention and Regional and National Competition dates.   Please review this document in its entirety ASAP.  The dates for conventions and competitions have been added to the Master Calendar, so please get them on your calendar ASAP.   This document ALSO includes links to web pages and google forms that you may need to access in the future.   

Accommodations information for both our Regional and National “out of town” competitions is being worked on by our Hotel Logistics Team.  We will update you via the blog as soon as it is available.       

Should you have any questions about the details contained in this document, please email us at     

Due Soon…Reminders from the Parent Information Communication:

  • If you haven’t turned in your Vibe Contract to Cheryl, please turn it into the front desk at the Studio ASAP.  
  • The Vibe Medical Release form link is also listed in the Vibe Parent Dance Season Information Communication.  Click here to access the Medical Release form; please have it completed for your dancer by Friday, September 10 end of day.  This form is also listed on the Team To Do List webpage.

2021 – 2022 Dates for Dance Conventions & Competitions

Click here to access the page for the 2021-2022 Dance Conventions & Competitions web page (password protected – same password as all other pages) with all of the details of our schedule.

Recital Dates

We have added the FootNotes Dress Rehearsal & Recital weekend on the Master Calendar (June 4 and June 5, 2022).  It will be held at the at the Gas South Theater (formerly the Infinite Energy Theater) in Duluth.

Other important dates that have been added to the Master Calendar include:  

  • Big/Little Sister Reveal will be on Monday, September 27 at 6pm at the Studio.  Details to prepare for the event will be announced soon.  Our Big/Little Chair and team are busy planning the event now.
  • We will plan to host 2 Parents Night Out events this season.   Dates are planned for Friday, October 1 and Friday, November 12.  We will send a separate post with more details about the first Parents Night Out event in the next few days.
  • The Vibe Holiday Party is set for Sunday, December 12.  More details will be sent out on it closer to the event.
  • Showcase – Pencil in the weekend of February 18-20 (Showcase Chairs are working hard to get a venue/date finalized. We will communicate info as soon as details are finalized.)

Master Calendar Updates

The Master Calendar has been updated with additional choreography dates/times for select groups. Please make sure you keep your dancer’s schedule updated with these dates. All choreography for your group’s required pieces is mandatory.    

The following are new entries added to the Master Calendar:


  • Saturday, September 18: Lyrical 10am – 12:30pm 
  • Sunday, September 19: Lyrical 10am – 12:30pm 
  • Friday, September 24: Hip Hop (Optional) 5pm – 7:30pm 
  • Saturday, September 25: Hip Hop (Optional) 10am – 12:30pm 


  • Sunday, August 29: Jazz  2pm – 4pm (*update from originally scheduled time of 10am-12pm)
  • Saturday, September 11: Tap 10am – 12pm 


  • Saturday, August 28: Tap  10am – 12pm