Choreography Week 2017 – Master Calendar Updates

Vibe Families,

The preliminary choreography sessions starting the week of July 24 have been posted to the Master Calendar. Please review the details for the week, as well as additional notes below about dancer expectations.

  • Monday, July 24 Choreography sessions
    • BRAVO & OVATION  Hip Hop – 2pm – 4pm with Ricky
    • ELITE & PREMIER Hip Hop – 4pm – 6pm with Ricky
    • ELITE Small Group Hip Hop – 6:30pm – 9pm with Ricky
  • Tuesday, July 25 Choreography sessions
    • BRAVO & OVATION Hip Hop – 9am – 12noon with Ricky
    • ELITE Lyrical – 10am – 1pm with Brian
    • ELITE & PREMIER Hip Hop – 1pm – 4pm with Ricky
    • BRAVO Lyrical – 2pm – 4pm with Brian
    • ELITE Small Group Hip Hop – 5pm – 8pm with Ricky
  • Wednesday, July 26 Choreography Sessions
    • ELITE & PREMIER Hip Hop – 8am – 11am with Ricky
    • BRAVO Lyrical – 12noon – 2:30pm with Brian
    • ELITE Small Group Hip Hop – 12noon – 3pm with Ricky
    • BRAVO & OVATION Hip Hop – 3pm – 6pm with Ricky
    • ELITE Lyrical – 3:30pm – 6:30pm with Brian
  • Thursday, July 27 Choreography Sessions
    • PREMIER Jazz – 9am – 2pm with Elizabeth
    • OVATION Contemporary/Lyrical – 12noon – 2:30pm with Andrea
    • OVATION Jazz – 3pm – 8pm with Elizabeth
    • PREMIER Optional Lyrical – 3pm –  5:30pm with Andrea
    • BRAVO Jazz – 6pm – 8:30pm with Andrea
  • Friday, July 28 Choreography Sessions
    • BRAVO Jazz – 9am – 12noon with Andrea
    • OVATION Tap – 9am – 12:30pm with David
    • ELITE Tap – 12:30pm – 4pm with David
    • PREMIER Optional Lyrical – 12:30pm – 3pm with Andrea
    • OVATION Contemporary/Lyrical – 3pm – 5:30pm with Andrea
    • PREMIER Tap – 4pm – 7:30pm with David

You will note that additional choreography sessions will be scheduled in August and September.  We will update you as soon as Cheryl has the schedules firmed up with the choreographers.  For Elite and Premier, your Jon Carr pieces will be choreographed the weekends of August 18 and 25….times still to be determined (so they are not added to the Master Calendar yet.)

Dancer information for Choreography Week:

  • Dancers should come to the studio each day well-rested and ready to learn, with hair pulled away from their face.
  • Please remember to wear appropriate dress code.  Dancers must wear a sports bra and/or a fitted crop top and dance shorts, or a leotard.
  • While it is not necessary to purchase new shoes at this time, please have your dancer bring appropriate shoes for each choreography session.
  • Send your dancer with a refillable water bottle. It is also a good idea to send them with light, quick snacks for the days with longer sessions.

Take a pic, it will last longer! Deadline approaching…

This is a reminder if you haven’t purchased your group and/or individual photos this year….there is still time, but time is running out!  The Releve discount is available until this Monday, June 26.  Packages and digital files are no longer offered after this date.   And the Coupon Codes will no longer be active.   So, don’t delay….go to and purchase your dancer’s photos today.

RAISE THE BARRE…Raise your skills!

The Raise the Barre dance intensive schedule (the week of June 26 – 30) is now available!  Please click here for the schedule details.

FootNotes has some amazing guest teachers coming in, as well as some of our own fabulous faculty! Instructors are Jon Carr, Mary Kate Campfield, Kristin D’Addario, Peter Doll, Nathan Griswold, Elizabeth Hamil, Haley Jenkins, Ricky Maalouf, David Mann, and Brian Mason.  We are so excited for this week of unprecedented opportunities in growth, knowledge, creativity, expression, and inspiration!

Please PACK a lunch every day, as well as a water bottle and a few, quick energy-boosting snacks. Trailmix, bananas, peanut butter crackers, and cheese sticks are all good choices.

Bring ALL dance shoes, including sneakers for Hip Hop.

When you have a ballet class (there is ballet every day for each group), you must wear a leotard and tights. Other classes require dancewear. NO T-Shirts or casual shorts. Dance shorts with a sports bra and tank is acceptable, as long as it is neat and tasteful. Please represent yourselves and FootNotes in a professional way and as dancers who take pride in their appearance.

Hair should be pulled back in a high bun for all classes (styled like at recital), and all tights should be clean and free of holes and runs.

Guidelines for level placement are:

  • Junior Level – Ages 6-10
  • Intermediate Level – Ages 10-15
  • Advanced Level – Ages 14 & up, dancing at a more advanced level

If you have questions about level placement, please email FootNotes at

We look forward to seeing everyone at RAISE THE BARRE!




Let’s Do This….ONE MORE TIME: Recital Info

Recital Info for Vibe Dancers…

We wanted to recap recital details for Vibe dancers.   Our 2017 Recital Showcase is Sunday, June 4 with shows at 2pm and 7pm at the Infinite Energy Center.   And Dress Rehearsals will be on Saturday, June 3 at 2pm and 7pm.   Dress Rehearsal will be run exactly like the show.      Click here for Recital Show Order.
  • Hairstyle:  High Bun, for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital.   The high bun should be the same bun as was done for group pictures.  The high bun should be at the crown of the dancer’s head (follow the natural up-sweeping line of the cheekbone for correct alignment of the bun).   It should be high, but NOT on top of the dancer’s head. There should be no part in the dancer’s hair.  Please refer to the Recital Handbook that was sent out via email from FootNotes, should you have any questions.
  • Makeup:     On Saturday for Dress Rehearsal, light makeup is acceptable/full stage makeup is not required.  On Sunday for the Recital, dancers must wear full competition makeup.
  • Arrival Times for BOTH Dress Rehearsal and Recital Days:  
    • BRAVO, OVATION, and PREMIERArrive at 12:30pm, completely stage-ready.
    • APPLAUSE, ELITE, OVATION, and PREMIER – Arrive at 5:30pm, completely stage-ready
    • NOTE:  Dancers at the 2pm must leave the venue in between the 2 shows at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.
  • Vibe Dancers will be assisting with escorting rec dancers to their appropriate rooms, etc. at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  Dancers are to check-in with Christy as soon as they arrive.
  • Look for an email from your Group Leader soon asking for some additional help on Recital day. We will need a few dancers to be Shout-out runners and some to help monitor the younger rec classes.

Let’s all help make this year’s SWEET SIXTEEN Recital the best yet!


Last Day to Order Recital Flowers & Trophies

REMINDER:  Today is the last day to order your dancer’s Recital Flowers & Trophies!   Go to the Vibe’s online store, place your order, and your flower bouquet or trophy will be waiting for you at the Trophy and Flower table in the lobby of the FootNotes recital venue (Infinite Energy Center) on Sunday, June 4 prior to the 2:00pm and 7:00pm show.


Times, they are a-changing!

We have another schedule update from KAR. The PDF document on the KAR web page has been updated with the latest times. Some dances have moved as much as an hour.  As we always say, these are approximate times.  Please allow plenty of time to get to the venue for your “stage ready” time.   Remember that KAR has an app where you can see the schedule on your phone.

Please click here to be directed to the password protected VPC/Kids Artistic Review (KAR) 2017 web page.

If you have questions, please direct them to your group leader.  Have a great day!

Updated: Good KARma!

We have received an update to this weekend’s dance schedule from  KAR.  Some times changed as much as 30 minutes.  Take a look when you have a moment.    Reminder:  KAR has an app (it’s explained on the webpage link below….it’s great to keep handy throughout the weekend.)

Please click here to be directed to the password protected VPC/Kids Artistic Review (KAR) 2017 web page.

If you have questions, please direct them to your group leader.