1 New To Do and a few Reminders

We are fairly certain you have felt the pressure of dance season taking shape from the last couple of weeks…lots of emails, meetings, and new costumes arriving into your home.  While it is not quite ”showtime”, it is definitely “GO TIME” for this season!!

We have 1 new item for you to take action on:

EARRINGS…Cheryl has selected a new earring for this competition season. ALL MEMBERS will need to order/purchase at least 1 pair of these new earrings.  You will have the option of ordering a second pair as well.  Click here to access the Earring Order Form.  We need this form filled out by ALL MEMBERS by Sunday, January 26 end of day.  

Second, we have included a reminder checklist to ensure you have completed these required tasks in prep for Showcase and competition season…these items need to be completed ASAP if they are not already done:

  1. SHOES:  Make sure that you have purchased the appropriate shoes (style and color) that are listed in the Shoe Buying Guide.   Dancers should be breaking in their shoes at class now…you don’t want your dancer wearing new shoes for the first time at Showcase Blocking Day.
    1. As needed, have your dancer wear her competition shoes to her weekly rehearsal class for each dance style to “break in” her competition shoes.  Make sure she takes good care of them, and that they are free of scuffs and marks throughout the season.
  2. TIGHTS:   The tights information by group is on the website: Click here to access the Tights Buying Guide. Please make sure that you have the appropriate tights (style and color) for your dancer.
  3. OTHER MAKE-UP and DANCER ACCESSORIES:  Please make sure that you have inventoried your make-up bag and dancer accessories based on the “Items Needed for Competition” list that was posted in December.  Click here to be directed to the document.
  4. LABEL EVERYTHING:   ALL dance costume pieces, ALL accessories, ALL shoes and tights need to be labeled with your dancer’s name.
  5. HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  Make sure that you have hotel reservations per the Hotel Info link.  We also recommend that you double-check your reservations with the hotel to ensure that you have a reservation (make sure you keep your confirmation #’s handy because we have seen some of these smaller hotels lose individual reservations in past years).
  6. Lastly, please continue to check the blog and Master Calendar often. Keeping your schedule in sync with the Master Calendar is SO important to your dancer and the entire team. Please continue to check the Master Calendar against your personal calendar to ensure that all dates are appropriately aligned (correct date and time is noted on your calendar).