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Reminder to Enter Your Dancer’s Hours

We hope all Vibe dancers are having fun dancing and working out with the videos posted on the FootNotes Let’s Get Digital link. Thanks to those that have already entered in your dancer’s hours for this past week!  If you have not had a chance to log your dancer’s hours yet, click here to access the form to enter the info.  Please fill out the form for your dancer each Sunday for the prior week’s dance activities completed.  Cheryl and all of the FootNotes instructors want to see how much the dancers are keeping up with their training and rehearsal.  Cheryl asks for the dancers to keep posting videos dancing and having fun using the videos.  Tag FootNotes @footnotesdance and use the hashtag #fndaletsgetdigital.


Update on Dance Competitions

Masquerade Dance has re-scheduled the Birmingham competition to the weekend of June 5-7. Please block the weekend on your schedules (the Master Calendar has been updated).  We are all unsure of what the next few weeks and months will hold, but we can always plan and hope for the best.   Obviously, the competition and FootNotes will follow the lead of what health officials are recommending at that time.  Feel free to go ahead and book a hotel reservation at your hotel of choice that weekend. It takes a while to secure a hotel block rate (we will be working with the hotels next week and will communicate details as soon as we have them.) Masquerade wants Cheryl to confirm that we plan to attend the competition that weekend (assuming we are allowed to attend per government guidelines.)  If you/your dancer has  any  kind of scheduling conflict for the June 5-7 weekend, please email us ASAP at footnotesdanceblog@gmail.com.

Additionally, Turn It Up Dance competition has officially cancelled/postponed next weekend’s dance competition at McEachern High School. We will let you know when we hear other details of a possible re-schedule date from them.   Please remember to cancel your hotel reservations for this competition, if you have them.

While we do not know how COVID-19 will reshape the coming weeks, we feel that our dancers should continue to practice their dances with the anticipation that we will have a competition season at some point.   Our dancer’s performing their competition pieces gives us all something to look forward to and something to strive for. And we believe that is an integral part to everyone’s well-being during this time.  Stay safe and we all pray that everyone is well!

Update From Masquerade

The owner of Masquerade Dance just informed Cheryl that this weekend’s dance competition in Birmingham is CANCELLED. This is a result of orders from the Governor of Alabama (he decided to cancel events over a certain number of attendees, and our competition exceeded the amount of people allowed to gather).  We do not have any other details from Masquerade at this point…we will update you as soon as Cheryl hears any other information (on a possible new date for this regional competition, etc.) Please cancel your hotel reservations ASAP…if you have any issue with canceling your reservation with one of the hotels we worked with, please let us know.

Shred Class Sign-up Genius

Attention Vibe Moms and our Premier & Elite dancers…

If you are interested in the free Shred Class offered by Cheryl and Linda, please sign-up here. The class is limited to 30 spots available, so sign-up ASAP if you plan to go.

Reminder of the class details:    the Shred class will be held on Wednesday, April 1st at 6pm at the Shred415 Studio on Windward Pkwy.  This is a 60 minute fitness class, consisting of four 15 minute segments alternating between treadmills and free weights on the floor.   It is totally modifiable, and you can go at your own pace!  It should be a lot of fun so let us know if you’d like to join!

Address is:   5215 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Choreography Days (for next season) Announced

The following are confirmed dates for Choreography for next season 2020-2021.  Please block out these dates on your calendar.

  • July 25 through August 1
  • Week of August 2 – August 8

The Master Calendar has been updated with these potential dates.   Please keep these days all available as choreography is a mandatory event. Exact timing will be communicated as soon as it is known (which will not be until closer to these dates).

Reminder of other important/mandatory dates:  Week of June 15 is Raise The Barre (which includes the audition for next year’s season.)

Also, REMINDER for your summer planning, the following weeks will not have required dance activities scheduled.  Per Cheryl, these are the ‘open’/available weeks that she is aware of right now:  weeks of May 25 (must be back by Saturday, May 30 for Recital Dress Rehearsal), June 1, June 8, July 6, July 13, and July 20 – 24.

You will note that there could be a tech class offered at FootNotes on any of these weeks that your dancer may want to participate in, but it is not a ‘required’ class.  The schedule for these classes will be sent out from FootNotes soon.

Show Some Love, Bigs and Littles

To kickoff our first competition of the season at Masquerade Dance, our Big/Little Chairs have created a Spirit Wall banner for our dancers.  The banner will be hung at the studio tomorrow, Saturday, March 7 (reminder: ALL groups have Production rehearsal on Saturday.)

DANCER TO DO:  Dancers are asked to decorate (paper and colored pencils will be provided at the studio) a fleur-de-lis and write a note of encouragement to their big or little sister. Dancers should include her name and her Big or Little Sister’s name on the note. If you do not have time to make the fleur-de-lis on Saturday, please take one home, decorate it and write your note of encouragement, and bring it back to the studio early next week. Once you have created with your fleur-de-lis, tape it around the banner (tape will be provided). Let’s fill the wall quickly with lots of encouraging notes!

For those of you new to Masquerade Dance, the fleur-de-lis symbol is part of the Masquerade logo/branding.