Showcase Videos On Sale

The 2021 Vibe Performance Company Dance Showcase Videos are now available for purchase for a limited time (now through March 1, 2021). This year we are offering an option of USB Drive as the medium for delivering the video. The videos are great for the dancer who likes to study her dances (and others) over and over again…Perfect for the family member who can’t make that trip to see the Dance Showcase…And, of course, a wonderful keepsake of the performance!

Click here to be directed to the Showcase Video web page where you can purchase your video.

Feel free to share this link noted above with your friends and family to purchase a video of the show!  

The videos will be available a few weeks after the show, via PICKUP at the Studio.   


Showcase 2021! Web Page Update

It’s almost SHOWTIME folks…11 days and counting until Showcase 2021!  WOOHOO!  Let’s get ready to cheer on our dancers and help with making this year’s Showcase event the BEST (and definitely the most memorable) EVER!

We have updated the Showcase 2021 web page to include all of the COVID protocols, and “what to expect” at the event since this year’s experience will be a bit different. We highly encourage you to share this web page with your family and friends that are attending the event so that they are aware.  Simply click on the link in the next sentence and copy that URL into a text or email to share. Click here to access the web page. This web page also includes the link for friends and family to give a “Shout Out” to their favorite dancer!  There will be no opportunity for the dancers to meet/greet guests after the show, due to strict COVID safety protocols as reviewed during this week’s Parent Zoom Meetings.



Check out Showcase Member Information page – Zoom Meeting Details, etc.

Click here to access the Vibe Showcase 2021 Member Information page. This page contains all information important to Vibe members regarding Showcase 2021. The page is password protected, and it is located under the Members Only link at the top of the website.  The Parent Meeting Zoom links are included on this page, as well as the documents that Amy and Elisa will review at the Parent Meetings this week.  Please make sure you attend one of these Showcase Parent meetings…it is MANDATORY for one parent to attend.  There are many things that are “different” about this year’s Showcase, so you will want to attend.   As a reminder, the meeting dates and times are as follows:

  • Monday, February 1 at 4:30pm
  • Thursday, February 4 at 5:30pm
  • Thursday, February 4 at 7:00pm





Radix Questionnaire – Please fill out


Cheryl needs to know your final decision on Radix, in person or virtual.   Click here to access the Radix Questionnaire form for your dancer.   We need an answer from EVERY dancer.   Please complete this form for your dancer by this Friday, January 29 end of day.

Details…RADIX is the weekend of February 26-28.
As we discussed last month, you may select if your dancer will participate in the RADIX convention either ‘in person’ or ‘virtual.’  In Person will be held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza.  Virtual sessions will be held at FootNotes.  It is obviously a different experience when you are ‘in person’ vs. ‘virtual’.  Radix is allowing dancers to participate in the convention virtually and compete dances, so going virtual does not impact your ability to compete your solo.
Cheryl needs to make Radix aware of your dancer’s participation selection, so we need an answer from EVERY dancer.   Note:  Once you have selected virtual, you will not be able to attend Radix ‘in person.’  
Radix is taking safety of our dancers seriously.   They have committed to less than 1/2 capacity at the convention; masks are required at all times (except when/if you compete); and the ballroom floors will be gridded so that dancers are kept a distance of 6ft apart during workshop/classes.   Click here to access more information about their safety protocols.


Dancer Shout Outs Now Available for Sale on Square!


The Dancer Shout Out item has been added to the Square website.  Click here to access the Showcase Dancer Gifts and Dance Shout Outs webpage for more details on both items.  As mentioned earlier, we are selling both items the week before Showcase at the Studio, Monday through Thursday, February 8-11 from 4-6pm.  You can copy and forward the Square website link to your family and friends that may not be around the Studio if they are interested in purchasing one of these items.   Click here to access the Square website.   

Get Your Official FNDA Photo Button or Car Magnet Here!


Get your FNDA Photo Button just in time for competition season!   We also have Car Magnets for sale if you would like one for your second car, or your dancer’s car.  

Photo Buttons

Pin on your pride and joy! We are offering Photo Buttons again this year for our Vibe dancers to show spirit for our girls.  The buttons are 3″ in diameter and will feature a photo of your dancer with a red border that says “FootNotes Dance & Acrobatics” around the outer edge. It can be further customized with your daughter’s name, as an option.  See button example above.

Angela Coppola (Thanks Angela!) will be taking the headshot photos for the photo buttons on the following days/times at the Studio: 

  • Saturday, January 30 from 11:00am – 12:00noon
  • Sunday, January 31 from 11:30am – 12:30pm AND 2:00pm – 2:30pm
  • We ask that you select one of the times where your dancer is not rehearsing or having dress rehearsal if at all possible.

If you wish to purchase a photo button this year, please come to the studio to have your dancer’s headshot taken during any of the 3 time slots listed above. Please fill out the Google form (link below) so that we know how many buttons you wish to order, and when you will have your dancer’s headshot taken.    

What to wear: Please have your daughter wear light stage makeup and her FootNotes jacket, and competition earrings.

  • UPDATE on competition earrings:   If you have last year’s competition earrings, bring them to use for the headshot.  If you do not, you will receive them when you take your headshot (or if you are not getting a headshot for the photo button, Cheryl will give them out at your group’s Dress Rehearsal).
  • Your Dancer’s hair should be styled neatly in any hairstyle. 

Buttons are $5 each,.  We will be taking payments (cash or check) when photos are taken.

Please click here to access the Google form to place your photo button order today.  Deadline to order/make payment is Sunday, January 31. Orders for the photo buttons will be placed with our vendor that same day.  We are not sure if they will make it in time for Showcase, but they should be here in time for our first competition in March.  Please make sure that you fill out all fields on the form and press submit.

FootNotes/Vibe Car Magnets will also be for sale this weekend…$5/each.

More Showcase Info – Signup Genius & Zoom Meetings


Thank you to those members that have already signed up for multiple positions on our Showcase 2021 Signup Genius!  Several key/”must fill” positions are still open and need volunteers.  Our Showcase Chairs must supply the volunteer list to Roswell Cultural Arts Center for review and approval by mid-next week per the CDC/Covid guidelines. We need your help to get these open positions filled. Please click here to access the Vibe 2021 Dance Showcase Signup Genius.    Please have your signup(s) completed no later than next Tuesday, January 26 at noon. 

Reminders from the initial post about the Signup Genius:

  1.  Please note that many of  these volunteer roles only require 30 minutes of your time, so you may sign up for multiple volunteer positions across the 3 shows.    
  2. Please be conscious of any time conflicts when signing up for multiple roles.  If you have any questions on volunteer positions, feel free to email us at


Showcase is right around the corner! This year’s event will look and feel different than past Showcase’s. As we have said, there will be no concessions, no decorations, no intermission, COVID-19 protocols, and only registered (signup via signup genius) volunteers allowed in the building. However, there will be a stage, bright lights, music, amazing dances and the show will go on!

Our awesome Showcase Chairs, Amy Smith and Elisa Bobbitt, will hold 3 Zoom meetings (each meeting will have the same content) to review important details about Showcase, including drop-off and pick-up instructions, COVID protocols, etc. Zoom Invitations will be sent via email in the next few days. Please save one of these dates on your calendar now!  This is a mandatory meeting for 1 parent of each dancer to attend (dancers DO NOT need to attend).  If you can not attend at either of these times listed below, please reach out to Amy Smith at or Elisa Bobbitt at

  • Monday, February 1 at 4:30-5pm
  • Thursday, February 4 at 5:30-6pm
  • Thursday, February 4 at 7:00-7:30pm
  • These have been added to Master Calendar as a reminder.  Again, you may attend either meeting.  It will be the same info!

A few important reminders about Showcase this year:

  1. In past years, it was mandatory for every Dance Mom to attend Dress Rehearsal. This year, only registered volunteers assisting with backstage duties and Lead Moms for each group are allowed backstage during Dress Rehearsal. Lead Moms for February 13, will assist during Dress Rehearsal and Show 1. If you are registered for other volunteer positions throughout the weekend, please note your arrival times on the Sign-up Genius (link above).
  2. You will not be allowed in the building until your assigned arrival/volunteer time, and you will proceed to the volunteer check-in table. Once your volunteer obligation is fulfilled, you will exit the building.
  3. There are staggered Group Arrival Times on both days of Showcase. Please arrive promptly at your group’s assigned time on February 13 and 14.  These times have been added to the Master Calendar.
    • Saturday, February 13 Dancer Arrival Times
      • 10:45 AM – Elite & Premier
      • 11:00 AM – Encore & Prodigy
      • 11:15 AM – Bravo & Ovation
    •  Sunday, February 14 Dancer Arrival Times
      • 10:30 AM – Elite & Premier
      • 10:45 AM – Encore & Prodigy
      • 11:00 AM – Bravo & Ovation
  4. Saturday’s Dress Rehearsal and Sunday Show 2 will start promptly at NOON.
  5. Dancers must arrive BOTH DAYS in full costume for their first dance (click here to access the 2021 Vibe Showcase Show Order) with competition hair and make-up completed.

We appreciate your cooperation and support to maintain a fun, yet safe environment for our dancer, volunteers, and guests at Showcase!

Business Partner and Family Sponsors, THANK YOU!

We have pulled together a web page dedicated to our business and family sponsors for this dance season.  Click here to access the web page.  A link to each sponsor’s website is included on the web page.  We are so grateful for all of these businesses support this year!  Please patronize these businesses whenever possible, and thank them for their support of our dance team!  

AND, we want to thank our AMAZING Business Partner Chair and Committee for their hard work this year in gaining the support of this sponsor list!   You ladies ROCKED IT!  Thank you to Gloria Mattei-Pacheco as Business Partner Chair, along with Denise Deitchman, Heather Biscan, Rebecca Knezevich, Jeanine Blanco, Mandy Personette, Kerry Higgins, and Nikiis Doherty.


Dress Rehearsal Dates

Dancers and Parents:  It is nearing Showtime, folks!  Showcase Dress Rehearsal dates and times are listed below for all groups.  The Master Calendar has been updated with all of these dates and changes.  Please make sure you sync up you/your dancer’s calendar with the Master Calendar to ensure you have all of these updates.

  • This is a FULL COSTUME/dress rehearsal at the Studio for both the dancer and mom to learn what will be required with all costumes. It is very important that moms attend at their group’s designated time, especially for the older groups (Encore, Prodigy, Premier, Elite), in case there are other alterations needed or undergarments that need to be purchased.   NOTE: If you are unable to attend, please ask another mom in your group to work with your dancer during Dress Rehearsal to relay information to you about any costume adjustments, etc. that are needed for your daughter.  
  • This ‘dress rehearsal’ is when costumes will be tried on, checked for alterations and changes needed, etc. The dancers will run through their dances in the costume to confirm that it is “stage ready.”   Competition Hair and Make-up are not required for this Dress Rehearsal.
  • Please bring ALL costumes (that you have in hand), as well as ALL accessories, ALL shoes, and ALL tights. ***Click here to access the Shoe & Tights Buying Guides web page.***    AND, please make sure that ALL pieces of the costume are labeled with your dancer’s name.
  • Please be on time!   
  • If your dancer’s Dress Rehearsal is scheduled at the studio during their class time, they will still have class before or after their group’s scheduled Dress Rehearsal time.
  • All moms (and dancers) must wear a mask while inside the studio during Dress Rehearsals.

Saturday, January 30

  • ELITE Dress Rehearsal (12:00 – 2:00pm) *Previously scheduled rehearsal during this time is now Dress Rehearsal with moms. Other Rehearsals already scheduled are still “on” for this date, so check the Master Calendar for a complete listing of events this day.

Sunday, January 31

  • BRAVO (12:00 – 3:30pm) *Extending previously scheduled rehearsal (12:00 – 1:30pm) to include additional Tap Rehearsal, as well as Dress Rehearsal with moms. Revised schedule is as follows:
    • Rehearsal with Cheryl (12:00 – 1:30pm)
    • Tap Rehearsal with Christy (1:30 – 2:30pm)
    • Dress Rehearsal with Moms & Dancers (2:30 – 3:30pm)
  • ENCORE (2:30 – 5:00pm) *Extending previously scheduled rehearsal (3:30 – 5:00pm) to include Dress Rehearsal with moms. Revised schedule is as follows:
    • Dress Rehearsal with Moms & Dancers (2:30 – 3:30pm)
    • Rehearsal with Cheryl (3:30 – 5:00pm)

Monday, Feb 1

  • PREMIER Dress Rehearsal with Moms & Dancers (6:00 – 7:00pm)

Wednesday, Feb 3

  • OVATION Dress Rehearsal with Moms & Dancers (6:30 – 8:00pm)

Friday, Feb 5

  • PRODIGY Dress Rehearsal with Moms & Dancers (6:00 – 7:30pm)