Master Calendar Updates

We have some Calendar Updates to share with you.      Please remember to review the  Master Calendar for the latest updates.  The updates we have as of right now are recapped below.  Some times are not yet finalized, as Cheryl is waiting on confirmation from the choreographer. We will update times as soon as we know them (and we will update you via a website post).   

  • Saturday, August 26
    • BRAVO – Lyrical – 10am – 11am
    • BRAVO & OVATION – Hip Hop 11am – 12noon
    • PREMIER – Lyrical 12noon – 1pm
  • Saturday, September 9
    • BRAVO & OVATION – Hip Hop – Time TBD
    • BRAVO Lyrical – Time TBD
  • Sunday, September 10
    • ELITE & PREMIER Rehearsals – Time TBD
  • September 23 & 24
    • Solos with Andrea – Time TBD
    • PREMIER Lyrical Choreography finish-up with Andrea – Time TBD
    • BRAVO Jazz Review with Andrea – Time TBD
    • OVATION Lyrical Review with Andrea- Time TBD
    • BRAVO, OVATION & PREMIER will likely have additional Rehearsals during this weekend
  • September 29 through October 1
    • Solos, Duos, etc. with Elizabeth – Times TBD
    • BRAVO Tap on Saturday and Sunday with Ms. Carrie – Time TBD
    • PREMIER & ELITE groups will likely have Rehearsals during this weekend



All About Us!

The VPC 2017-2018 Member Directory is now available under the Members Only section of the website.  Please click here to access our Member Directory web page.  As a reminder, this page is password protected.  The password was sent out via email to all members on July 17.

Please review your dancer’s directory information for any errors or changes needed, and email us back at if you find anything that needs correcting. And if any information changes throughout the dance season, please always email us with any updates/changes to your information as soon as they happen, and we will get the directory updated.

Master Calendar Updates!

We have some Calendar Updates to share with you.  ELITE and PREMIER groups are affected.  Please review the following updates to the Master Calendar.    The updates have been recapped below:

  • Saturday, August 19
    • ELITE: Jon C Large Group Contemporary Choreography – 10am – 1pm
    • PREMIER: Jon C Large Group Contemporary Choreography – 2pm – 5pm
    • ELITE:  Brian M Lyrical (for Elite dancers that opted in for this dance) Choreography – 2pm – 4:30pm
  • Sunday, August 20
    • ELITE: Jon C Large Group Contemporary Choreography – 9am – 12pm
    • PREMIER: Jon C Large Group Contemporary Choreography – 12pm – 3pm
    • ELITE & PREMIER:  Brian M Musical Theater (for Elite and Premier dancers that opted in for this extra dance) Choreography – 3:30pm – 6pm
  • Saturday, August 26
    • ELITE:  Jon C Large Group Jazz Choreography – 10am – 1pm
    • ELITE:  Jon C Small Group Contemporary Choreography – 2pm – 5pm (this is by invite only – to be chosen weekend of August 20)
  • Sunday, August 27
    • ELITE Jon C Large Group Jazz Choreography – 9am – 12pm
    • ELITE:  Jon C Small Group Contemporary Choreography – 1pm – 4pm (this is by invite only – to be chosen weekend of August 20)
    • ELITE & PREMIER:  Brian M Musical Theater (for Elite and Premier dancers that opted in for this extra dance) Choreography – 4:30pm – 6:30pm


2017/18 Choreography Videos & Music….Take One!

Choreography Videos and Music are now available for some of the dances to help our dancers review and rehearse at home!

Click here to access to the VPC group dance videos and music.    Note that this page is password protected (reminder the password was sent via email on July 17).

Reminder:  These videos and music are property of FootNotes. They should NOT be shared with anyone outside of The Vibe Performance Company, or on any type of social media.

Other Choreography Videos and Music files will be coming soon!  We will send out a blog update each time we add any files to this page.

Note:  If you have any issue with playing or downloading these videos to your device, please email us at

Master Calendar Update

We have an updated date and time for the All Parent “Kickoff of the Season” meeting.  Cheryl needs to change the date of the meeting, as she needs to be away at that same time for this year’s costume design/planning meeting.    The new date for the meeting is: Thursday, August 31 at 7pm.   Please update your calendars.  As a reminder, this is a mandatory meeting.  The Master Calendar has been updated. 

Let’s Get This Choreography Party Started!

Hey Vibe Dancers!

It’s HOT outside and on the dance floor, so let’s start off Choreography Week with a cool treat!   Atlanta’s Ice Cream Truck will be coming to FootNotes this Monday, July 24.  The truck will arrive at 3:45pm.

Elite and Premier dancers, please get to the studio a few minutes early (by 3:45pm) to grab and enjoy your icy treat!  Bravo and Ovation dancers, please grab your treat after your choreography session ends at 4pm.

We LOVE OUR VIBE DANCERS and are happy to kick off this season with an icy treat, courtesy of the Vibe.


Choreography Week 2017 – Master Calendar Updates

Vibe Families,

The preliminary choreography sessions starting the week of July 24 have been posted to the Master Calendar. Please review the details for the week, as well as additional notes below about dancer expectations.

  • Monday, July 24 Choreography sessions
    • BRAVO & OVATION  Hip Hop – 2pm – 4pm with Ricky
    • ELITE & PREMIER Hip Hop – 4pm – 6pm with Ricky
    • ELITE Small Group Hip Hop – 6:30pm – 9pm with Ricky
  • Tuesday, July 25 Choreography sessions
    • BRAVO & OVATION Hip Hop – 9am – 12noon with Ricky
    • ELITE Lyrical – 10am – 1pm with Brian
    • ELITE & PREMIER Hip Hop – 1pm – 4pm with Ricky
    • BRAVO Lyrical – 2pm – 4pm with Brian
    • ELITE Small Group Hip Hop – 5pm – 8pm with Ricky
  • Wednesday, July 26 Choreography Sessions
    • ELITE & PREMIER Hip Hop – 8am – 11am with Ricky
    • BRAVO Lyrical – 12noon – 2:30pm with Brian
    • ELITE Small Group Hip Hop – 12noon – 3pm with Ricky
    • BRAVO & OVATION Hip Hop – 3pm – 6pm with Ricky
    • ELITE Lyrical – 3:30pm – 6:30pm with Brian
  • Thursday, July 27 Choreography Sessions
    • PREMIER Jazz – 9am – 2pm with Elizabeth
    • OVATION Contemporary/Lyrical – 12noon – 2:30pm with Andrea
    • OVATION Jazz – 3pm – 8pm with Elizabeth
    • PREMIER Optional Lyrical – 3pm –  5:30pm with Andrea
    • BRAVO Jazz – 6pm – 8:30pm with Andrea
  • Friday, July 28 Choreography Sessions
    • BRAVO Jazz – 9am – 12noon with Andrea
    • OVATION Tap – 9am – 12:30pm with David
    • ELITE Tap – 12:30pm – 4pm with David
    • PREMIER Optional Lyrical – 12:30pm – 3pm with Andrea
    • OVATION Contemporary/Lyrical – 3pm – 5:30pm with Andrea
    • PREMIER Tap – 4pm – 7:30pm with David

You will note that additional choreography sessions will be scheduled in August and September.  We will update you as soon as Cheryl has the schedules firmed up with the choreographers.  For Elite and Premier, your Jon Carr pieces will be choreographed the weekends of August 18 and 25….times still to be determined (so they are not added to the Master Calendar yet.)

Dancer information for Choreography Week:

  • Dancers should come to the studio each day well-rested and ready to learn, with hair pulled away from their face.
  • Please remember to wear appropriate dress code.  Dancers must wear a sports bra and/or a fitted crop top and dance shorts, or a leotard.
  • While it is not necessary to purchase new shoes at this time, please have your dancer bring appropriate shoes for each choreography session.
  • Send your dancer with a refillable water bottle. It is also a good idea to send them with light, quick snacks for the days with longer sessions.