SHOWCASE 2021 web page is now live!

Our official Showcase 2021 web page is now live!  

Two Days and THREE AMAZING shows!    

Show Dates:  Saturday, February 13 at 6pm and 2 Shows on Sunday, February 14 at 12noon and 5pm

Venue:   Roswell Cultural Arts Center

For further information about Dance Showcase 2021, click here to access the web page.

A HUGE Thank you to one of our Vibe Moms, Maya Frank, for putting together our beautiful Showcase 2021 program and its cover image (debuted above and on the web page link)!    We LOVE it, Maya! 

We also love our three amazing Senior dancers that are featured on this awesome Showcase 2021 program cover!


Group Photos are here!

Vibe Group Photos are now available for your viewing and downloading for printing and social media.  Click here to access the Group Photo web page (you can also access this page from the Members Only pull-down menu on the web site).  As a reminder, this is a password protected web page. 

When you post any of these pictures to social media, please post and tag with the following: @allurephotoproject @footnotesdance #allurephotoproject #footnotesdance #vpcdancers

If you have any questions or an issue with downloading the pics, please email us at  

Reminder: Hair & Make-up Day tomorrow – New Members ONLY

This is just a reminder that Hair and Make-up Day is tomorrow, Saturday, January 16 at 10am (until 12noon) at the Studio.  This session is for NEW (FIRST YEAR) VIBE MEMBERS ONLY.  Mom and daughter must attend.   As mentioned in an earlier post, we are using the same hairstyle as last season, so RETURNING MEMBERS SHOULD NOT attend.   To stay within COVID protocols, we must only have New Members attend.   

Details for New Members:  Cheryl will show you (mom) & your dancer how to style your dancer’s hair for competition, along with how to apply the make-up.  You will need to bring all of your hair and make-up supplies to complete the hair and make-up look on your dancer tomorrow.  Below are reminders on what to bring:

  • Please bring ALL the hair and make-up items listed in the Items Needed for Competition document on the Member Information page.
  • The YOFI make-up (blush, eyeshadow, lipstick) that was ordered in December will be distributed to you at the session.
  • It will be really helpful to have a blanket to spread out your supplies and a stool or two for you and your dancer.
  • Your dancer should arrive with her hair fully straightened. There are not enough plugs in the studio for everyone to plug in a flat iron.
  • Please be all set-up with your supplies/blanket/stool and ready to start at 10am.

Returning Members:  If you purchased some of the Yofi make-up, it will be distributed to your dancer on Saturday when she is at Rehearsal.

Any questions?  If so, please reach out to your Group Mom.

Master Calendar Updates & Open Dates in the Summer

ALL GROUPS:   February 5, 6, and 7 will be Rehearsal dates/exact days and times for each group TBD.   Cheryl does not have details yet on timing since she needs to see where each group’s dances are, but it is very likely that every group will be rehearsing that weekend.   Please hold/reserve the weekend of February 5 through 7 for possible rehearsals.   We will communicate a detailed schedule as soon as it is finalized.

Cheryl also wanted to communicate the following dates are ‘open’ which represents when she is confident no dancer activities will be planned in the Summer:

  • week of June 7 through 13 (week after recital)
  • weeks of July 5 and July 12

We will communicate other weeks that are available/open as soon as they are known.

Get Your Tights Now!

The Competition Tights List has been updated on the Shoe & Tights Buying Guide webpage.  EACH GROUP should review the spreadsheet to see what type and color of tights your dancer needs.   Please click here to access the Shoe & Tight Buying Guide web page.   You will see the Tights Buying Guide listed at the bottom of the web page.  Please purchase these this week, so you have them in hand.

REMINDER:  Please make sure that you check the correct dance group for your dancer, and make sure you are choosing the correct color to purchase.


2021 Vibe Show Order & Ticket Sales Info

Please click here to view the 2021 Vibe Showcase show order.

The show dates and times are: Saturday, February 13 at 6pm, and 2 shows on Sunday, February 14 at 12noon and 5pm. 

Venue:  Roswell Cultural Arts Center (address is: 950 Forrest St, Roswell, GA 30075) 

Reminders:  Showcase Ticket Sales Information

Tickets are $30 online sales only, via our ticketing website. Below are some details about seating this year:

  • Seats will be social distanced at the venue.  The Seating Chart was developed by the Roswell Cultural Arts Center to accommodate CDC guidelines (seats available for sale are positioned a minimum of 6 feet apart on all sides). Each of the 3 shows will have 198 seat/tickets available (including a few handicap seats).  Normal seating capacity of the venue is 600 seats.
  • Each dancer family is required to purchase 8 tickets (across all 3 shows).  The Vibe Contract that each member signed at the beginning of the season requires 10 Showcase tickets to be sold by each dancer family, so this represents a reduction in this requirement this year.   This change is due to the limited seating we have available at the venue, to accommodate for social distancing.
  • On the ticketing website, you will see 2 types of seating – either a 4 seat or 2 seat option.  You must purchase all seats of the 2 and 4 seat groupings (you are not allowed to purchase a portion of a seat grouping).  This is to allow for control over who our guests will be seated next to.
  • We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase your required 8 seats as soon as the ticketing website is open (see schedule below), so that you can secure your seats for the shows you wish to attend.  Then, you can work with your family and friends to place them in your seats (and be reimbursed for the seats).  Otherwise, you run the risk of not having seats at the show since we have limited seating available.
  • Note also that during the Pre-sales ticketing timeframe (prior to Monday, January 18), each dancer family may only purchase up to your 8 required tickets. This is being requested in an effort to allow for all other dancer family members to purchase their required 8 tickets.   After the general public ticket sales is opened on January 18, you may purchase additional tickets.

Below are details about the timing of Ticket Sales:

  • Showcase Tickets will go on pre-sale via our online ticketing website to Parents of Seniors on Tuesday, January 12 at/around 9am.  Please be on the lookout for an email from the Vibe GMAIL account (not a web post) with Ticket Sales information next Tuesday.
  • Showcase Tickets will go on pre-sale via our online ticketing website to Parents of Solo and Duo dancers on Tuesday, January 12 at/around 6pm.  Please be on the lookout for an email from the Vibe GMAIL account (not a web post) with Ticket Sales information next Tuesday.
  • Showcase Tickets will go on pre-sale via our online ticketing website to all other Vibe members only on Wednesday, January 13 at/around 9am.  Please be on the lookout for an email from the Vibe GMAIL account (not a web post) with Ticket Sales information next Wednesday.    
  • On Monday, January 18, Showcase details will be posted to our website as a web page and web post for general public ticket purchases.   Again, should you direct friends or family to the ticketing website, please understand that they must purchase either 2 or 4 tickets based on the seat groupings as explained above.
  • Remember to place your dancer’s name into the “Dancer’s Name” field during the Checkout process (at the time of purchase) since we are tracking # of tickets sold by dancer family.  If you purchase a Dancer Gift, this field will also be used to denote which dancer the gift will be delivered to.

Below are important notes about Day of Show (to explain to your guests when inviting them): 

  • Masks will be required at all times in the venue for all attendees and volunteers. Temperature will be taken of each guest (and volunteer) entering the venue.  Anyone with a temperature greater than CDC guidelines (100.4 or higher), and/or not wearing a mask, will not be allowed inside the auditorium. This is for the safety of all attendees, volunteers, and dancers at the event.
  • All Dancer Gifts (the traditional candy bouquet option has been enhanced…more details to come on that!), as well as Shout Out’s, are pre-sales ONLY. Dancer Gifts and Shout Outs will be sold at the studio the week prior to our Showcase Shows.  Dancer Gifts may also be purchased via the ticketing website, as well as our Square website.  There will be a separate web post explaining these dancer gift options in the next few days. We are NOT allowed to sell anything onsite/at day of shows; this includes concessions.
  • We are not allowed to have an intermission at the show, as we have had in the past.  We will run the dances in Show Order, with the Senior Video allowing for a small break during the middle of the performance.
  • Click here to access the COVID-19 protocol video from Roswell Cultural Arts Center to acquaint yourself with the enhanced safety requirements we will follow. Feel free to share this with your family and friends.

Let us know if you have any questions on the show order or ticket sales….email us at

More Shoe Updates

Some competition shoe selections that were originally TBD for PREMIER and PRODIGY have been added on the Shoe Buying Guide (new listings are highlighted in orange).  Please click here to access the Shoe Buying Guide web page, listed by dance group.  

REMINDER:  Please make sure that you select the correct dance group for your dancer, and make sure you are choosing the correct color to purchase.

ALL dancer’s shoes for this competition season should be in hand no later than Monday, January 11, 2021.

Elite Schedule Update & Solo, Duo, Trio Privates for January

The Master Calendar has been updated with 1 update for Elite:

Sunday, January 10

  • 1pm – 2pm:   ELITE  – Madison Small Group Rehearsal  (added)
  • 2pm – 5pm:  ELITE Rehearsal (already on schedule)

Cheryl has updated the Solo, Duo, Trio Signup Genius with January dates.  Click here to access the Signup Genius.

Make sure that you note on the Signup Genius whether you are signing up for your dancer’s solo, duo, or trio rehearsal.   Please make sure that only 1 mom or dancer signs up for a given slot for a duo or trio.   Please only sign up for 1 slot for the first week the SUG is published.  After a week, you may sign up for a second slot if you wish.

Dancers, please remember the following:

  • Please bring your music to the private lesson.
  • Please bring payment ($35 for a 30 minute session with Cheryl or Madison) at the start of each rehearsal.  There is no option to have this charge added to your FootNotes account.  All dancers must pay the instructor directly by either check, Venmo, or cash.
  • If your dancer is unable to attend your booked rehearsal session, you must notify FootNotes at, at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled time.   If you ‘miss’/forget a rehearsal that you have signed up for, you are still responsible for the payment to the instructor.
  • As always, dancers are always free to book an empty room to practice on their own.