pair2share is a non-profit organization, the brainchild of our very own alumni, Juliana Abel. With the help of two other Vibe alumni, Mekayla Murphy and Meriah Grove, her dream has grown into a reality.

As we are all very aware, our dancers’ footwear can be quite the investment… and often, we find ourselves making those purchases more than once during a “season.”  At times, we can find ourselves stretched by the financial demands of our dancers’ passion… but we all seem to find a way to make it work.  Juliana formed her company, pair2share, for the purpose of collecting gently worn dance shoes from dance studios in our area and passing them along to less privileged dancers in areas that are economically challenged or areas that have recently suffered a material loss due to a natural disaster. Watch the video below to learn more!

3 thoughts on “pair2share

  1. AWESOME! i have black tap shoes in every size, ive been looking to offload for year! Great idea Juliana!

  2. Juliana, way to go – so proud of you and the sunshine you bring to others, once again!

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