Reminders and a Master Calendar update

2016-17 Vibe Performance Company members,

This is just a reminder that we need a response from EVERY Vibe dancer (existing and new) on the following forms:

  • Member Directory information.  We need this completed by ALL members by Monday, August 1.

 Please click here to submit your Member Directory Information.

  • Schedule Conflicts for the season – please complete by Monday, August 1.

Please click here to submit your Schedule Conflicts for the season. 

If you have already filled these forms out, thank you for your response!

  • For new members, please note that  the Master Calendar on the website will be updated frequently with all Vibe-specific events.  You will receive a web post notification any time the calendar is updated (as mentioned below).   So, please always be on the lookout for emails notifying you of a web post update.

  • The Parent “Kickoff of the Season” meeting to be held on Tuesday, August 2 at 6pm at the Studio.  It has been added to our Master Calendar on the website.  It is important for you to attend this meeting so that you can learn about what is being planned for this dance year!

    We will discuss several important items for the 2016-17 Vibe dance year, including:

    • General policies and overall expectations for the year
    • Board Assignments
    • Dancer Expectations
    • Parent volunteer opportunities and commitments
    • General Q&A

    Note that this is a parent only meeting (dancers should not attend). Please plan to bring a blanket or small folding chair. We anticipate the meeting will run an hour, but depending upon questions, it could run longer.