Let’s Do This….ONE MORE TIME: Recital Info

Recital Info for Vibe Dancers…

We wanted to recap recital details for Vibe dancers.   Our 2017 Recital Showcase is Sunday, June 4 with shows at 2pm and 7pm at the Infinite Energy Center.   And Dress Rehearsals will be on Saturday, June 3 at 2pm and 7pm.   Dress Rehearsal will be run exactly like the show.      Click here for Recital Show Order.
  • Hairstyle:  High Bun, for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital.   The high bun should be the same bun as was done for group pictures.  The high bun should be at the crown of the dancer’s head (follow the natural up-sweeping line of the cheekbone for correct alignment of the bun).   It should be high, but NOT on top of the dancer’s head. There should be no part in the dancer’s hair.  Please refer to the Recital Handbook that was sent out via email from FootNotes, should you have any questions.
  • Makeup:     On Saturday for Dress Rehearsal, light makeup is acceptable/full stage makeup is not required.  On Sunday for the Recital, dancers must wear full competition makeup.
  • Arrival Times for BOTH Dress Rehearsal and Recital Days:  
    • BRAVO, OVATION, and PREMIERArrive at 12:30pm, completely stage-ready.
    • APPLAUSE, ELITE, OVATION, and PREMIER – Arrive at 5:30pm, completely stage-ready
    • NOTE:  Dancers at the 2pm must leave the venue in between the 2 shows at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.
  • Vibe Dancers will be assisting with escorting rec dancers to their appropriate rooms, etc. at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  Dancers are to check-in with Christy as soon as they arrive.
  • Look for an email from your Group Leader soon asking for some additional help on Recital day. We will need a few dancers to be Shout-out runners and some to help monitor the younger rec classes.

Let’s all help make this year’s SWEET SIXTEEN Recital the best yet!