A few updates, reminders, & to do’s

There will be some Group Rehearsals the weekend of May 4.  Please keep that weekend open. Cheryl is working on scheduling for that weekend.    We will update you as soon as we have details.

Recital Flowers and Trophies – If you missed purchasing your recital flowers or trophy for your dancer during Picture Week, you can still purchase them through our online store through Friday, May 4.   It’s one less thing to remember to do on Recital day….simply click here to order and your flower bouquet or trophy.  It will be waiting for you at the Trophy and Flower table in the lobby of the FootNotes recital venue (Infinite Energy Theater) on Sunday, June 3 prior to the 2:00pm and 7:00pm show.  You can also access this online order form from the Team To Do List web page.

Week of June 11 – Summer Strong class at FootNotes update:  The class is being planned, and it will be taught by Miss Christina (who currently teaches Premier’s contemporary and ballet classes). This will not necessarily be a “Vibe only” class however.   If you want to get more dancing in that week and keep stretching/keep working on elements that your dancer knows she needs to work on, then this class would be a great option.  You can sign up for this class on the FootNotes website.

Vibe Season 2018-2019 –  Cheryl would like to know dancer interest in auditioning for Vibe for next season.   Please click here to fill out your dancer’s interest in auditioning for Vibe as soon as possible.  You can also access this form from the Team To Do List web page.  Reminder:  You will need to sign up for Raise the Barre week (week of June 18) if you have not already done so.  You can sign up for it on the FootNotes website.

Group Pictures from Sunday are now online on Releve’s website (and other pictures will be added each day).  If you are looking for your deposit information which also includes the gallery links and password for viewing the pictures…search your email for “RelevePhoto” (all one word).

Gallery link is:  http://www.myrelevephoto.com/2018fn