RAISE THE BARRE…Raise your skills!

REMINDER: The Raise the Barre dance intensive (week of June 18 – 22) is next week! Please click here for the schedule details in case you can’t find your email about it.

FootNotes has some amazing guest teachers coming in, as well as some of our own fabulous faculty! Instructors are  Madison Benson, Shannon Childers, Greyson Davis, Nathan Griswold, Hailey Hoffman, Haley Jenkins, Ricky Maalouf, Brian Mason, Kelsey Nelson, Allison Pohlman Swinson, and Rachel Erin Truitt.  We are so excited for this week of unprecedented opportunities in growth, knowledge, creativity, expression, and inspiration!

Please PACK a lunch every day, as well as a water bottle and a few, quick energy-boosting snacks. Trailmix, bananas, granola/energy bars, and cheese sticks are all good choices.

Bring ALL dance shoes, including sneakers for Hip Hop (not boots).

When you have a ballet class, you must wear a leotard and tights. Other classes require dancewear. NO baggy t-shirts or casual shorts. Dance shorts with a sports bra and tank is acceptable, as long as it is neat and tasteful. Please represent yourselves and FootNotes in a professional way and as dancers who take pride in their appearance.

Hair should be pulled back in a high pony or high bun, or braided for all classes….done neatly is the key.  All tights should be clean and free of holes and runs.

Guidelines for level placement are:

  • Junior Level – Ages 6-10
  • Intermediate Level – Ages 10-15
  • Advanced Level – Ages 13 & up, dancing at a more advanced level

If you have questions about level placement, please email FootNotes at footnotesdance@comcast.net.

As always, please remind your dancer that there will be some dancers visiting, as well as FootNotes recreational dancers at Raise The Barre week.  Please ask your Vibe dancer to make all dancers and teachers feel welcome at FootNotes, and to be kind and courteous at all times.  Please make sure that we set the standard for how we keep the studio clean at lunch and snack breaks during the week…Vibe dancers should always remember to keep the studio tidy and cleanup after ourselves at all breaks.

We look forward to seeing everyone at RAISE THE BARRE!