Travel Details While at Nationals

Thanks so much for everyone’s attention to getting the dinner options ordered so quickly!  It is much appreciated.    For the Wednesday, July 4 Vibe End of Year  Party, if you do need wristbands for Waterscape (if you are not staying there), please email us at if you have not already done so, and let us know the # of wristbands your family needs for those attending.

We wanted to gather some details on your arrival day and where you are staying in case we need to contact you with schedule changes, etc.  We also need to know for planning purposes for the End of Year Party since anyone not staying at Waterscape will need to have a wristband (we will be in touch with you if you are staying at Waterscape to assist with wristband allocation).   Please CLICK HERE to access a Google form to enter your travel plan information.    Please answer the form by Tuesday, June 26 end of day.  Thanks in advance for helping us with gathering this information!