Signup Reminders

  •  We have volunteer spots still available at our Parents’ Night Out event on Friday, November 16.  Moms: Please consider helping out…we need a few more moms to volunteer for the event.  Click here to access the sign-up for the Parent Night Out event.   Everyone: Please also ‘talk up’ the event to your neighbors, friends, etc. with children (ages 3-10).
  • Please signup your dancer to participate/represent FootNotes in the Johns Creek Founder’s Day Parade on Saturday, December 1.   We need this signup completed by Friday, November 9.    Ms. Cheryl needs to know the number/who is attending the parade in order to plan out the routine that the dancers will perform.  There will be a rehearsal or 2 of the dance that will be performed while walking in the parade.  Click here to access the sign-up for the Johns Creek Founders Day Parade.
  • The Solo, Duo, Trio Signup Genius has been updated with more November dates for private rehearsals.   Click here to access the Signup Genius. Make sure that you note on the Signup Genius whether you are signing up for your dancer’s solo, duo, or trio rehearsal.   Please make sure that only 1 mom or dancer signs up for a given slot for a duo or trio.  Please remember the following:
    • Please bring your music to the private lesson.
    • After a week of your first sign up, you may check again and sign up for one more open slot during the month.
    • Please bring payment ($30 for 30 minute sessions with Cheryl or Shannon) at the start of each rehearsal.  There is no option to have this charge added to your FootNotes account.  All dancers must pay the instructor directly by either check, Venmo, or cash.
    • If your dancer is unable to attend your booked rehearsal session, you must notify FootNotes at, at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled time.   If you ‘miss’/forget a rehearsal that you have signed up for, you are still responsible for the payment to the instructor.
    • As always, dancers are always free to book an empty room to practice on their own.

Please email us at the with any questions. We will send out more information on these events as details are firmed up.