Keep Calm & Get Your Make-up On!

2 To Do’s:

  1. It is time to order your dancer’s competition make-up…eyeshadow, lipstick and blush must be the same color/brand.  Please click here to fill out the Competition Make-up Order Form.  FootNotes will order this make-up for you.  We MUST receive a response from  ALL dancers by Friday, December 14, indicating whether or not competition make-up is to be ordered.
  2. The “Items Needed for Competition” document has been posted to the Members Information section of the website.  Please check it out.
  • For returning members, please review this document/list and double-check your make-up and hair supplies.
  • For new members, we know this list may look ‘large’, so feel free to reach out to your group mom should you have questions regarding any items on the list.
  • All items on this list should be purchased and ready to use by Saturday, January 12, 2019.