NexStar Big/Little Fun!

From our Big/Little Committee Chairs:

Hey Vibe Dancers!  

We are going to show our support for one another in the studio next week to get you pumped up for the NexStar competition! 

Each Big and Little sister will need to pick up a Star from the front desk this week.  Some Elite dancers will be asked to pick up an additional star to decorate for a Debut dancer.  Take the star home, cut it out and decorate it with your Big/Little/Debut dancer’s name, some fancy embellishments and write a note of support on the star.  Keep all writing and decor on one side.  Debut Dancers are only at the studio on Monday/Tuesday, so we ask that you have your stars completed by this Monday, April 22.

Bring your decorated star to the studio next week, and you can hang it on the Shining Star Wall!  Look for the banner in the hallway and tack your star up on the wall.  We will have mounting tack for you.  

Make sure you show your Big/Little/Debut Sister where you hung her star and wish her good luck at NexStar!