Good KARma – Take 2!

Cheryl has received an updated schedule for Kids Artistic Review (KAR) Dance Competition this coming weekend.  Please check out the link below to view the latest version of the schedule…many of our dance times were updated by a few minutes.  You will note that KAR may update dance times again before Friday…make sure you download their app (details in the document below) to see the exact times as posted on Friday.

Please click here to be directed to the password protected VPC/Kids Artistic Review (KAR) 2019 web page.

REMINDER: Don’t forget to setup a KAR Parent Center account and link your dancer(s) so that you can gain access to the pictures and videos after the  competition.  Details on how to in the KAR document on our VPC/KAR webpage above.   

Questions on the schedule or any information contained in the document:  please contact us at