First Post of the 2019-2020 Season – Master Calendar Updates!

Welcome all…this is our first web post of this new dance season!   We have some Choreography dates listed by group name to share with you – see below.  Click on the Master Calendar to view these calendar updates.

  • All times on the below are To Be Determined.   Please keep all of these dates open/available on your calendars.   The exact start and stop times will be posted (and you will receive a blog post update via email) as soon as Cheryl finalizes them with the choreographers.
  • IMPORTANT:  This is NOT all of the choreography that will be scheduled during the Choreography Weeks starting Friday, July 26 through Sunday, August 11.  We will post additional choreography dates as soon as they are finalized with the choreographers.  Therefore, ALL GROUPS should keep all dates for choreography weeks open.  

All Groups:   Production Lock-in will be September 13-15 weekend.  This is for ALL GROUPS and is mandatory.  For those new to Vibe, Production Lock-in is an overnight, in-studio event where the dancers learn the choreography for the Production routine (which will be choreographed by Jon Carr). Dancers will meet at the studio late afternoon and over the course of the night, they are taught the choreography.  They will spend the night and will be picked up by parents in the early AM. We do not know if this will be a Friday/Saturday, or Saturday/Sunday event….please keep the entire weekend open.


  • July 26-28 ~ Tap


  • July 26-28 ~ Tap
  • July 29-30 ~ Jazz


  • July 27-28 ~ Contemporary
  • August 24 & September 21 ~ Tap


  • Aug 2-4 ~ Contemporary with Cherrise
  • Aug 4-6 ~ Hip Hop with Ricky
  • August 24 & September 21 ~ Tap


  • Aug 4-6 ~ Hip Hop with Ricky
  • Aug 9-11 ~ Contemporary with Jon Carr


  • July 27 ~ Cherrise Large Group
  • July 28 ~ Cherrise Small Group
  • Aug 3 ~ Cherrise Large Group
  • Aug 4 ~ Cherrise Small Group
  • Aug 4-6 ~ Hip Hop with Ricky
  • Aug 9-11 ~ Jon Carr Small Group
  • Oct 18-20 ~ Jon Carr Large Group
  • Note: the make-up of each of these Small Groups is determined by choreographer and will be communicated when they are known.