Master Calendar Updates!

We have additional Choreography dates (and 1 change) to share with you.  Click on the Master Calendar to view these calendar updates.

  • All times on the below are To Be Announced.   Please keep all of these dates open/available on your calendars.   The exact start and stop times will be posted (and you will receive a blog post update via email) as soon as Cheryl finalizes them with the choreographers.
  • Note:  This is all of the choreography that will be scheduled during the Choreography Weeks starting Friday, July 26 through Sunday, August 11.  However, there could be changes to the schedule should something come up with one of the choreographers.  Therefore, please keep all dates for these choreography weeks open.   If you have something that comes up during this time (outside of your choreography times), please check with Cheryl first before planning anything.  

August 9 – 11 

  • ELITE Tap

August 8 – 10

  • APPLAUSE Contemporary (Note:  this choreography is being moved to August 8-10 from July 27-28)

September 6 – 8

  • PREMIER & ELITE Musical Theatre (this is an optional dance)
  • ELITE Optional Dance (genre to be announced)
  • Note: For both of these optional dances, Cheryl will ask for interest in a separate email once details are finalized. We wanted to communicate the dates so that you have them on your calendar.