Remember to Use AmazonSmile this Holiday Season…

Friendly Reminder…Did you know that when you shop for the holidays at, AmazonSmile makes a donation to The Vibe Performance Company? 

The Vibe is enrolled in the AmazonSmile program for non-profits. It’s money that comes direct to Vibe (a percentage of each transaction made through AmazonSmile is donated back to Vibe since we are a non-profit.)

Below are instructions on how to use AmazonSmile from your iPhone if you prefer to purchase from there vs. your PC browser:

How To Create an Amazon Smile (linked to Vibe) icon on your iPhone

  1. Login to in your Safari browser using the link   The login will be the same as your Amazon user id and password.
  2. Next, hit the share button at the bottom middle of your screen.
  3. Now click Add to Home screen.  You have just created a Shortcut to the Amazon Smile webpage to easily navigate to it from your phone.

Now that this icon has been created, you can use this AmazonSmile icon to purchase your items from Amazon.   Note that Amazon Prime will be active on your account if you are currently enrolled in the program.

*NOTE:   Regular and Amazon mobile app purchases will not apply to AmazonSmile donations…so please use one of the options noted above to make your Amazon purchases through AmazonSmile.