Showcase Signup for Day of Shows

The Vibe’s Showcase Committee has a long list of volunteer positions to be filled for the 2 days of the shows.  Please click here to access the list of all volunteer positions for our Vibe 2020 Dance Showcase.   We have also added it to the Showcase 2020 Member Information page for easy access to it.   

A couple of reminders about the Signup Genius:  Every Vibe family is obligated to volunteer at least one position during Showcase.   We have many positions to fill in order to ensure Showcase goes off “without a hitch!”  This is the best time of the year to earn your hours towards the 12 hour required from each dancer family (20 hours for families with two dancers). Many of these openings that can be filled by moms, dads, as well as older (8th grade – college) siblings.

Please be aware of any time conflicts when signing up for multiple roles. For instance, you can not be a Lead Group Mom and work concessions for the same show as you would be needed in both roles at the same time. However, you could easily be a Lead Group Mom for the Saturday show and work concessions for the Sunday show, as an example.  If you have any questions on volunteer positions, feel free to email us at