Choreography Days (for next season) Announced

The following are confirmed dates for Choreography for next season 2020-2021.  Please block out these dates on your calendar.

  • July 25 through August 1
  • Week of August 2 – August 8

The Master Calendar has been updated with these potential dates.   Please keep these days all available as choreography is a mandatory event. Exact timing will be communicated as soon as it is known (which will not be until closer to these dates).

Reminder of other important/mandatory dates:  Week of June 15 is Raise The Barre (which includes the audition for next year’s season.)

Also, REMINDER for your summer planning, the following weeks will not have required dance activities scheduled.  Per Cheryl, these are the ‘open’/available weeks that she is aware of right now:  weeks of May 25 (must be back by Saturday, May 30 for Recital Dress Rehearsal), June 1, June 8, July 6, July 13, and July 20 – 24.

You will note that there could be a tech class offered at FootNotes on any of these weeks that your dancer may want to participate in, but it is not a ‘required’ class.  The schedule for these classes will be sent out from FootNotes soon.