Update on Dance Competitions

Masquerade Dance has re-scheduled the Birmingham competition to the weekend of June 5-7. Please block the weekend on your schedules (the Master Calendar has been updated).  We are all unsure of what the next few weeks and months will hold, but we can always plan and hope for the best.   Obviously, the competition and FootNotes will follow the lead of what health officials are recommending at that time.  Feel free to go ahead and book a hotel reservation at your hotel of choice that weekend. It takes a while to secure a hotel block rate (we will be working with the hotels next week and will communicate details as soon as we have them.) Masquerade wants Cheryl to confirm that we plan to attend the competition that weekend (assuming we are allowed to attend per government guidelines.)  If you/your dancer has  any  kind of scheduling conflict for the June 5-7 weekend, please email us ASAP at footnotesdanceblog@gmail.com.

Additionally, Turn It Up Dance competition has officially cancelled/postponed next weekend’s dance competition at McEachern High School. We will let you know when we hear other details of a possible re-schedule date from them.   Please remember to cancel your hotel reservations for this competition, if you have them.

While we do not know how COVID-19 will reshape the coming weeks, we feel that our dancers should continue to practice their dances with the anticipation that we will have a competition season at some point.   Our dancer’s performing their competition pieces gives us all something to look forward to and something to strive for. And we believe that is an integral part to everyone’s well-being during this time.  Stay safe and we all pray that everyone is well!