Schedule Updates for next week & Reminders about FN Picture Week

Below are updates to the Rehearsal Schedule for next week (week of July 13):

  • Monday, July 13
    • OVATION  & PREMIER Hip Hop – 6:00pm – 7:00pm
    • PREMIER Rehearsal – 7:00pm – 8:00pm
    • ELITE & PREMIER:  Note that Thataway! and Heels Rehearsals have been moved to Thursday, July 16.
  • Tuesday, July 14
    • NO APPLAUSE Rehearsal with Cheryl
    • NO ELITE SMALL GROUP Rehearsal
  • Thursday, July 16
    • ELITE Rehearsal – 8:00pm – 9:30pm
    • PREMIER & ELITE (Thataway!) – 8:30pm – 9:00pm
    • ELITE Heels – 9:00pm – 9:30pm
    • NOTE:  Thursday times are estimates as we do not know exactly how long pictures will take.
  • The Master Calendar has been updated with this information.

FootNotes Picture Week Details:   Click here to access the FootNotes group picture schedule…we thought we would share it for easy access.  An email was sent out with details on July 6 from FootNotes.

    • Reminder that these pictures run from Monday, July 13 through Thursday, July 16.  Check the schedule for days and times when your dancer’s pictures will be taken…note for some groups that it may be on multiple days.
    • Hair and Make-up for Picture Week: Dancers need to be in Vibe competition hair and stage make-up (no lashes…but you do need mascara) for all group dances.
      • For ballet (If your dancer’s ballet pics are NOT on the same day as other company group pictures), dancers should wear their hair in a high bun at the crown of their head (follow the natural upsweeping line of the cheekbone for correct alignment of the bun; it should be high but not on top of their head). There should be no part in the hair.
      • For ballet (If your dancer’s ballet pics ARE on the same day as other company group pictures), dancers should wear their hair in a low bun to coordinate with the low pony (competition hair) on that day.
    • At the Studio:  space in the studio will be limited next week to allow for appropriate social distancing.  All dancers should come dressed (all make-up and hair completely done)….bring make-up and hair accessories for touch-ups. It may be unlikely that everyone’s dream duffels will fit on Thursday…you may be able to bring them in after 6pm on Thursday.  Plan to be flexible given the space constraints.  There will be some clothes racks for use.
    • Your Group Mom will communicate with you this week specific recommendations for your group’s day(s) at the studio, along with a review of your rehearsal and picture schedules next week.
    • Releve links:
      • Please visit the following link for info on price lists, coupon codes, making deposits, how to use your deposits, etc.:  click here
      • To make a Deposit for pictures (this also “schedules” with Releve that you want your dancer to have an individual picture taken): click here