Volunteer Questionnaire – Need Your Response

The success of The Vibe Performance Company is dependent upon the ongoing support of our dancer’s families. Each family is required to contribute 12 volunteer hours to the VPC (20 hours for families with more than one dancer) each season.

The Vibe Volunteer Information Questionnaire Form link is below.   This form asks a series of questions to provide the opportunity for you to identify your skills and interests to pair you to the right volunteer positions. 

Please click here to start the questionnaire (your response is due by Thursday, September 17 end of day). It has several sections:

  • Basic info about you and/or your husband (if he has able to volunteer)
  • Skills and Interests
  • A list of the open key roles in the Vibe, with several options for each
  • Ranking: You will then be asked to rank the positions you selected from most to least interest levels.  If you are also including information for your spouse, please indicate that in the ranking list.

Note that if you hit the back arrow to return to a previous page, you will lose all data and need the form to start over. There is a Questions and Comments section on the last page to add any info you might have left off earlier in the form.

Once we have the responses from the Volunteer Information Form, the Board will review the responses and placements will be compiled.  

Thanks for your attention to getting this form filled out by Thursday, September 17 end of day and for all you do to make us VIBE-STRONG!  The form is also accessible on the Team To Do List web page for your convenience.  

Note:  A separate Signup Genius for the “day of” Dance Showcase volunteer positions will be sent out at a later date once plans for Showcase are finalized.  You will note that all of these volunteer roles are not listed in this Volunteer Information Questionnaire form.