Vibe Holiday Party Update

Due to Covid, our annual Vibe Holiday Party will look a bit different this year.  Instead of one big party with all dancers, each dance team will have their own Holiday Party.  We want to make sure our girls have a great holiday celebration, but we also want to keep them safe.  This year’s party theme is “Mittens & Masks!”

Jessica McFarland and our holiday party committee have  been busy this week working on games, an activity, and gift exchange ideas that will be provided to Group Moms to try to keep each party consistent across all groups.   Your Group Mom will work with your team to find a date and location that works for everyone.  There will be a “details” communication going out soon to the Group Moms for coordinating the date, etc… hang tight on picking a date until you hear from Jessica.   

Our Philanthropy Chairs, Susie Koagel and Dayna Thomson, are also working with local charities on ways that we, as a team, can give back to our community and help those in need this holiday season.  More details to come.