Vibe Holiday Party – Details & What to Bring

While our Vibe Holiday party may look a little different this year, we are looking forward to each group being able to have a great holiday celebration! 

Dates have now been set for each team’s party, and details of party activities and games that have been coordinated by our Holiday Party Committee will be going out to Group Moms this week. 

This Year’s Philanthropy Donation Information

Our Philanthropy Chairs, Susie Koagel and Dayna Thomson, have partnered with Canine Assistants as our holiday philanthropy. Canine Assistants places service dogs with people who have mobility difficulties, Type 1 Diabetes, epilepsy/seizure disorders, many other special needs as well as placing Community Service Dogs who provide therapy services  in children’s hospitals. They have provided us with a list of items they are in need of to continue transforming the lives of those in need.  Click Here to view list of donation items. 

What to bring to your team’s Holiday Party:

  • Please bring a $15 wrapped gift for a Gift Exchange Game that will be played at each holiday party.  You do not need to purchase a second gift for your Big or Little Sister.
  • We are asking for each dancer to bring 1 (or more if you are so inclined) of the following donation items to donate to this year’s philanthropy, Canine Assistants: Kong toys • balls • Febreze room spray • laundry detergent • Lupine 1” four-foot long leash (green) • Paper towels • Scoop Away Complete cat litter • Peanut butter • Squeeze cheese • Trash bags (kitchen, lawn/leaf, tall/big) • Treat pouches • Vidal oxide cleaner • Gift cards (Amex, Visa, Amazon, grocery) • Boxed copy paper • Manila file folders • HP 564 printer cartridges • Scotch packing tape