Keep Calm & Get Your Make-up (and Earrings) On!

2 To Do’s:

  1. It is time to order your dancer’s competition earrings and competition make-up…that includes eyeshadow, lipstick and blush must be the same color/brand.  Please click here to fill out the Competition Make-up and Earrings Order Form.  FootNotes will order these items for you, and your FootNotes account will be billed.  We MUST receive your response from EVERY (new and returning) dancer by Thursday, December 24 end of day….THIS IS REQUIRED so that Cheryl can place the order.
    • For returning members…please check your supplies from last year and determine which item(s) you need to order.   We need an answer from ALL dancers.
  2. The “Items Needed for Competition” document has been posted to the Member Information section of the website.  Please make sure you review this document.  For returning members, there is new information in the document…a few new items added and a couple of hints that Cheryl has added (both highlighted in yellow).
    • For new members, we know this list may look ‘large’, so feel free to reach out to your group mom should you have questions regarding any items on the list.
    • Cheryl is finalizing the January rehearsal schedule, along with Hair & Make-up Day.  The schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.