Reminder: Hair & Make-up Day tomorrow – New Members ONLY

This is just a reminder that Hair and Make-up Day is tomorrow, Saturday, January 16 at 10am (until 12noon) at the Studio.  This session is for NEW (FIRST YEAR) VIBE MEMBERS ONLY.  Mom and daughter must attend.   As mentioned in an earlier post, we are using the same hairstyle as last season, so RETURNING MEMBERS SHOULD NOT attend.   To stay within COVID protocols, we must only have New Members attend.   

Details for New Members:  Cheryl will show you (mom) & your dancer how to style your dancer’s hair for competition, along with how to apply the make-up.  You will need to bring all of your hair and make-up supplies to complete the hair and make-up look on your dancer tomorrow.  Below are reminders on what to bring:

  • Please bring ALL the hair and make-up items listed in the Items Needed for Competition document on the Member Information page.
  • The YOFI make-up (blush, eyeshadow, lipstick) that was ordered in December will be distributed to you at the session.
  • It will be really helpful to have a blanket to spread out your supplies and a stool or two for you and your dancer.
  • Your dancer should arrive with her hair fully straightened. There are not enough plugs in the studio for everyone to plug in a flat iron.
  • Please be all set-up with your supplies/blanket/stool and ready to start at 10am.

Returning Members:  If you purchased some of the Yofi make-up, it will be distributed to your dancer on Saturday when she is at Rehearsal.

Any questions?  If so, please reach out to your Group Mom.