Radix Questionnaire – Please fill out

Cheryl needs to know your final decision on Radix, in person or virtual.   Click here to access the Radix Questionnaire form for your dancer.   We need an answer from EVERY dancer.   Please complete this form for your dancer by this Friday, January 29 end of day.

Details…RADIX is the weekend of February 26-28.
As we discussed last month, you may select if your dancer will participate in the RADIX convention either ‘in person’ or ‘virtual.’  In Person will be held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza.  Virtual sessions will be held at FootNotes.  It is obviously a different experience when you are ‘in person’ vs. ‘virtual’.  Radix is allowing dancers to participate in the convention virtually and compete dances, so going virtual does not impact your ability to compete your solo.
Cheryl needs to make Radix aware of your dancer’s participation selection, so we need an answer from EVERY dancer.   Note:  Once you have selected virtual, you will not be able to attend Radix ‘in person.’  
Radix is taking safety of our dancers seriously.   They have committed to less than 1/2 capacity at the convention; masks are required at all times (except when/if you compete); and the ballroom floors will be gridded so that dancers are kept a distance of 6ft apart during workshop/classes.   Click here to access more information about their safety protocols.