Showcase 2021! Web Page Update

It’s almost SHOWTIME folks…11 days and counting until Showcase 2021!  WOOHOO!  Let’s get ready to cheer on our dancers and help with making this year’s Showcase event the BEST (and definitely the most memorable) EVER!

We have updated the Showcase 2021 web page to include all of the COVID protocols, and “what to expect” at the event since this year’s experience will be a bit different. We highly encourage you to share this web page with your family and friends that are attending the event so that they are aware.  Simply click on the link in the next sentence and copy that URL into a text or email to share. Click here to access the web page. This web page also includes the link for friends and family to give a “Shout Out” to their favorite dancer!  There will be no opportunity for the dancers to meet/greet guests after the show, due to strict COVID safety protocols as reviewed during this week’s Parent Zoom Meetings.