More Showcase Updates

Check out the Showcase Member Information web page for the latest updates.   The latest updates are recapped below:
First, we have added the Powerpoint Presentation from the Showcase Zoom Meetings held by our Showcase Chairs last week.  It is #3 on the list of items on this web page.  If you did not get to attend one of the Zoom meetings, we URGE you to review all of the documents on this web page, and reach out to Amy Smith or Elisa Bobbitt with questions this week.   
Second, we have added a Showcase Consolidated Schedule and Reminders document.  Please review/print out when you have a moment.   It is #4 on the list of items on this web page.     
Third, we have added Dress Rehearsal Order to the Showcase 2021 Member Information web page.  This is the order that dances will be run during Dress Rehearsal on Saturday.  It is #6 on the list of items on this web page.
Lastly, your Vibe Lanyard is your “backstage pass” to be allowed in the dressing rooms and backstage areas of the venue.   It is REQUIRED for you to wear when you are volunteering this weekend.  For those new to Vibe, we will make a smaller version of the list of dances that you can cut and place into the back of your lanyard so you have easy access to the dance order of each show at all times. For Showcase, it is the Show Order.  And we will have the same thing available for competitions once we know their schedule.  The Show Order for your Lanyard has been loaded on the Showcase Member Information page…it is #10 on the list of items on this web page.