Masquerade Reminders & Viewing Party Details

Please remember to sign the waiver for Masquerade if you have not already done so.   You will receive an email confirming it, and then will receive an email with a QR CODE that you/your dancer MUST HAVE in order to get into the venue to dance.

Click here to review all information regarding the Masquerade competition this weekend.

We are planning on having a Masquerade Viewing Party of Overall Awards on Tuesday, March 16 from 7pm – 7:30pm ET at the studio for our dancers ONLY. (The group would be too large if we allow Moms to come too.)   Please join your dance friends in cheering the team on (if you are in a dance class at that time, you can still join as the teachers are aware that we are doing this).  We think the overall awards will last only 20-30 minutes, based on other overalls that we have seen completed by Masquerade from prior competitions.    

Safe travels to Birmingham!!  We are all so excited to see our Vibe Team hit the dance this weekend!