Bigs/Littles…Let’s Make Some Noise at Applause!


Let’s make some noise at APPLAUSE TALENT this coming weekend!  Let’s give our BIGS & LITTLES an “APPLAUSE” with this fun hand clapper! Clappers will be at the studio for the dancers to pick up through Thursday of this week (April 12-15).

Please pick up a clapper to decorate for your BIG or LITTLE. You can use paint pens, permanent markers, jewels, etc. BE CREATIVE! Bring your decorated clapper to Applause this Sunday to give to your BIG or LITTLE during the competition so that everyone can use them to make some noise during the awards session! 👋

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP A CLAPPER AT THE FRONT DESK THIS WEEK!!!  ***(If you have 2 Littles, please pick up and decorate 2 clappers)