Schedule Updates & Reminders about FN Picture Week

WOW, what an amazing weekend at Applause Talent!    We are so proud of all of our dancers!  This is a long post with lots of important info about Picture Week.   Please read on.  

Below are Rehearsal Schedule details for next week (week of April 25) during Picture Week.  The Master Calendar has been updated.

  • Monday, April 26 
    • OVATION:  4:30 – 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, April 27
    • ELITE – Singer:  7 – 7:30pm
    • ELITE – Where Are We Now:  7:30 – 8pm
    • ALL ELITE:    8 – 9:30pm
  • Wednesday, April 28
    • PRODIGY:  5 – 6:30pm
    • PREMIER & PRODIGY Hip Hop:  6:30 – 7:30pm
    • PREMIER:  7:30 – 8:30pm
  • Thursday, April 29
    • BRAVO:  4 – 6:00pm
    • ENCORE:  5  – 7:00pm
    • ELITE – Vogue:  7 – 7:30pm
    • ALL ELITE:   7:30 – 9:30pm

FootNotes Picture Week Details 

Click here to access the FootNotes Picture Week newsletter that was sent out last week.

Below are details about Timing and Hair and Make-up for Picture Week, along with specifics about securing your dancer’s spot for individual pictures. 

    • Schedule:
      • Click here to access the FootNotes group picture schedule…we thought we would share it here for easy access.  Picture Week runs from Sunday, April 25 through Thursday, April 29.  Check the schedule above for days and times when your dancer’s pictures will be taken…note for some groups that it may be on multiple days.
    • Hair and Make-up for Picture Week:
      • Dancers need to be in Vibe competition hair and stage make-up (no lashes…but you do need mascara) for all group dances.
      • For ballet (If your dancer’s ballet pics are NOT on the same day as other company group pictures), dancers should wear their hair in a high bun at the crown of their head (follow the natural upsweeping line of the cheekbone for correct alignment of the bun; it should be high but not on top of their head). There should be no part in the hair.
    • At the Studio:  Space in the studio will be limited during picture week.  ALL GROUPS If you have 1 or 2 pictures being taken on any given day, please do not bring your Dream Duffel.  Just bring your dancer’s costume, shoes and accessories in a smaller bag. Please come “picture-ready” (make-up and hair completely done) and dressed in your first costume.  Bring make-up and hair accessories for touch-ups.   Plan to be flexible given the space constraints. 
      • Moms and dancers: please remember to wear your masks in the studio.  Dancers will take their masks off to be photographed, but will wear them in between photo sessions.  
    • IMPORTANT:  Releve links – Review/take action on these, THIS WEEK! 
      • Please visit this link for all RelevePHOTO info:  click here
      • To make a Deposit for pictures (this also “schedules” with Releve that you want your dancer to have an individual picture taken): click here
        • This deposit is REQUIRED for Solo, Duos, and Trios, if you want your  dancer photographed in her solo/duo/trio costume(s).   Releve will not be able to accommodate ‘last minute’/same day sign-ups for solos/duos/trios.   You must sign-up for an available “Comp Session” slot for FN.  There are slots each day…an example of what you are looking for is: FN – Sun25 | compSESSION.    Click on the link, and you will see the timeslots available.   There are “compSESSIONs” on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   If you cannot find a day that works for your dancer’s schedule, reach out to Releve staff at  
        • If you want your dancer photographed individually in a group dance costume, you should also make a deposit for that dance, so that Releve knows how many individual photos they will be taking for each group dance.   It helps them with timing/planning.  The Deposit you make ahead of time can be used for any pictures that you end up purchasing from Releve.   Click here and go to the “Deposits” tab to learn more about how the Deposit works.