NEXSTAR Reminders


Reminder to activate your dancer account in DanceBug which will give you access to livestream, digital program info, and photos/videos of this competition.  NEXSTAR sent Cheryl another link yesterday, so click on this one and follow the steps to make sure your dancer is activated if you have not logged into DanceBug yet.   Click here to access the link.

Dancers need to be at the venue at 7:30am on Saturday, May 1 (venue is: Clayton County Performing Arts Center.)  Please click here to be directed to the password protected NEXSTAR 2021 web page with all the details.

Live Stream appears to be available through the DanceBug app, as well as through this link on the NexStar website in case your family and friends want to watch on a PC.   

For those that like a hard copy program, we were able to download this from the app this AM.   Click here to access the program if you want a hard copy.   

Note that for returning dancers, the DanceBug app works a little different.  The newer version of DanceBug seems to have a few “bugs”…no pun intended :-).  It appears the newer version has a few more features (like I could download the program), but it does have some quirkiness.   However, both versions allow you to see the Live Stream and the Full Schedule.  

Questions on the schedule or any information contained in the document:  please contact us at