More Master Calendar Updates

The Master Calendar has been updated with additional choreography dates/times for select groups. Please make sure you keep your dancer’s schedule updated with these dates. All choreography for your group’s required pieces is mandatory.    

Potential Contemporary Choreography for this weekend (August 20-22) for the following groups has been removed from the calendar:  ELITE Large Group, PREMIER Large Group, and OVATION Large Group, ELITE Small Group & PREMIER Small Group.  Cheryl is working to get these pieces scheduled.  We will update you as soon as they are scheduled.

Potential contemporary choreography placeholder for the weekend of September 17-19 has been changed to include the following groups:

  • PREMIER Small Group (dancers TBD) – This WILL definitely be this weekend. Times are to be determined.
  • ELITE Small Group (dancers TBD) – This MAY happen on this weekend

The following are new entries added to the Master Calendar:

Saturday, September 11

  • OVATION Contemporary:  10am – 1pm

Sunday, September 12

  • OVATION Contemporary:  10am – 1pm

Saturday, September 25

  • ELITE Contemporary Large Group:  10am – 1pm

Sunday, September 26

  • ELITE Contemporary Large Group: 12noon – 3pm