Make-up & Earrings Update

A couple of updates on Make-up and Earrings:

  1. The “Items Needed for Competition” document has been posted to the Member Information section of the website.  Please make sure you review this document ASAP.    You will see the “**NEW**” indicator beside this document. 
  2. It is time to order your dancer’s competition earrings and competition make-up.    Click here to access the Competition Make-up & Earrings Order Form. We need all orders placed by Friday, January 14, 2022 end of day.  IMPORTANT NOTE as of 1/8/2022:  YOFI, the makers of the competition make-up we use, is having inventory issues and is not getting back to Cheryl on what quantities they have in stock. Below are the guidelines on whether you need to place an order for an item: 
    • Returning members, please take an honest assessment of your dancer’s YOFI make-up from last year…if it’s usable, then you are fine. If you must have a replacement of one or more of the makeup items, please place an order on the order form by the deadline.  We are hoping to get more inventory information from the company soon. 
    • New Members in Vibe…Cheryl has enough Yofi make-up items (blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick) from the prior year for you. You will get the make-up items at Hair and Make-up Day.  New members with a sister in Vibe, we ask that you share make-up items with your sister until we can get inventory in from Yofi.
    • Earrings are also included in the Order Form. Please place an order by the deadline if you need another pair or 2.   Members should have 2 pairs of earrings for competition (one to wear and one as a backup).     
  3. For new members, we know this list may look ‘large’, so feel free to reach out to your group mom should you have questions regarding any items on the list.