Business Partner and Family Sponsors, THANK YOU!

We have pulled together a web page dedicated to our business and family sponsors for this dance season.  Click here to access the web page.  A link to each sponsor’s website is included on the web page.  We are so grateful for all of the support from these businesses this year!  Please patronize each of these businesses whenever possible, and thank them for their support of our dance team!  And Thank You to our Family Sponsors for your donation to this year’s dance season!

AND, we want to thank our AMAZING Business Partner Chair and her Committee for their hard work this year in gaining the support of this sponsor list!   You ladies ROCKED IT!  Thank you to Gloria Mattei-Pacheco as Business Partner/Sponsor Chair, along with Denise Deitchman, Heather Biscan, Heather Cannon, Jeanine Blanco, Kerry Higgins, Rebecca Knezevich and Sarah Levin.

And, a HUGE THANK YOU to Maya Frank for creating the artwork for our sponsors for the Showcase Program and social media.