LOC Reminders For This Weekend!

Just a few reminders as we head into our 2nd competition of the season…


  • A WAIVER MUST BE FILLED OUT FOR EACH DANCER & EACH PARENT and/or FAMILY MEMBER ACCOMPANYING A DANCER IN THE VENUE.   The Waiver must be filled out by Friday, March 25. Dancers that have not completed and electronically signed the waiver will not be permitted to enter the venue Click here to access the League of Champions Smartwaiver.
  • Masks are required to be worn by all audience members, including dancers not dancing on stage, at all times.
  • Big & Little Sisters – be sure to show support for each other and cheer each other on from the audience whenever possible throughout the weekend! Big Sisters – friendly reminder to get your ice cream date scheduled with your little sisters before the end of April! 
  • Parents, please wear your FootNotes spiritwear and/or Vibe colors (red & black) to show our team spirit throughout the weekend.   
  • Remember to bring/wear your “#WeDanceForHelen” ribbon and bracelet.  

If you like keeping the schedule in your lanyard, we have shrunk the schedule to fit  the lanyard.  Click here to access the “lanyard” version of the consolidated FootNotes schedule.

We encourage you to support ALL of the dancers and groups this weekend by watching and cheering for them LOUDLY in the audience!    

Let’s Do This!

helen ribbon and bracelet new