Last Stop…BravO!


The HIGH LEVEL preliminary schedule for the BravO! National Dance & Talent Competition that will be held on April 29 – May 1 is now loaded on their website. Click here to access it.     REMINDER…this is not information for the competition this coming weekend – April 23 & 24 (Revolution).    See other post for that competition’s schedule and detailed info.     

BravO!’s categorizations are a little different from other competitions we have attended…so below is a cross reference of our group names to their categorizations:

Starlet Petite O!verture
Bravo Junior Encore! 
Ovation Junior Encore! 
Encore Junior & Teen Encore! 
Premier Teen BravO!
Elite Senior BravO!
Fashion Week Saturday Session 2
Mechanics Saturday Session 2
River Deep Sunday Session 3

We will post the detailed/final schedule early next week.  You will receive a new blog post when it is available.