Week of May 30 Modified Schedule for Vibe Groups

The following is the modified schedule for next week (week of May 30) for all Vibe groups:

No classes on Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day).

Tuesday, May 31

  • 4-5pm Starlet Jazz
  • NO BRAVO classes at all on Tuesday
  • 5-7pm Ovation (normal schedule)
  • 5-6pm Encore Ballet
  • 6-7pm Encore Rehearsal (no 7pm class for Encore)
  • 5-6pm Premier Rehearsal
  • 6-7pm Premier Ballet
  • 7-8pm Premier Rehearsal
  • 7-8pm Elite Ballet
  • 8-9:30pm Elite Rehearsal

Wednesday, June 1

  • 4-5pm Starlet Ballet (from Monday & NO other classes)
  • 6-7pm Bravo Ballet (from Monday)
  • No other company classes will take place on this date other than the ones listed here.

Thursday, June 2

  • 4:30-6pm Bravo Rehearsal – No Ballet
  • 5-7pm Encore (Tap & Jazz)
  • 5-6:45pm Ovation (Ballet & Tap only)
  • 6:45-9:15pm Premier (normal class schedule)
  • 6-8:30pm Elite (Ballet 6-7:30 & Tap 7:45-8:30)