Nationals Logo, Livestream Link, Hype Video, EOY Montage Video & Group Magazine Covers

Let’s Go, Girls!! It’s day 1 of Nationals. Good luck to all of our dancers today and this coming week!

Below is the Nationals logo. Feel free to use it on all social media.

You can share this link below with your friends and family for the Live Stream…note the 2 stages on the first 3 days so make sure you are watching the correct stage. The link below is the one from the Revolution Talent website. You can also access it from the Dance Bug app.

Click here to watch the competition live from the Revolution Talent website link. If this access doesn’t work on your device, try these links:

Stage 1 – Main Stage

Stage 2 – Theatre Stage

Items from the EOY banquet:

Click here to access the EOY Montage Video.

Click here to access the Hype Video.

Click below to access the magazine covers for each group from EOY party: