Showcase Reminders ~ T – 2 Days and Counting!

Yes, it’s T-2 days and counting for Showcase 2023!! 

Amy and Elisa have prepared a Showcase Consolidated Schedule/Summary Reminders document, and it has been loaded to the Showcase 2023 Member Information webpage.  It’s #6 on the list. Please review this document (as well as the detailed Showcase parent meeting document – it is #4 on the list, if you have not had a chance yet.)  These documents include important information for you and your dancer about this weekend!! Click here to access the 2023 Showcase Member Information webpage.

Amy and Elisa ask that you please allow plenty of time to get to the venue and to be on time per the schedule start at 10:45am on Saturday (unless you are slotted to come earlier per the Signup Genius to help with clearing out the classrooms).

We still have several volunteer openings for concessions and clean up for both shows. Please consider signing up for additional responsibility throughout the weekend to ensure Showcase 2023 goes off without a hitch!  Click here to access the Showcase Volunteer Sign-Up Genius.  In addition, you can access the Volunteer Hours Tracking Form on the Member Information Page at any time throughout the season to log your volunteer hours.

Lastly, please have your dancer bring their heart shaped sunglasses that they received from Cheryl on Tuesday with them to Showcase! We want to get pictures of the girls and their teams backstage hyped and ready to GLOW THEIR OWN WAY!