LET’S GLOW!…..Recital Details

Below are Recital details for Vibe dancers, so please read the entire post!   Our 2023 22nd Annual Recital Showcase is Sunday June 4 with shows at 2pm and 6pm at the Gas South Theater in Duluth. Dress Rehearsals will be on Saturday, June 3 at 2pm and 6pm.

Click here for Recital Show Order.

For 2pm Show:

  • BRAVO, ENCORE, OVATION & PRODIGY dancers arrive at 1:15pm for setup of Dream Duffel, etc. for dances in the 2pm show.
  • ENCORE dancers (for The Family) arrive at 3:00pm for last routine & finale in the 2pm show. Dancers should be in costume/stage ready, stretched and ready to dance. (Do not bring Dream Duffel with you.)
  • ENCORE, OVATION & PRODIGY parents, please note that your dancer may stay at the venue in between shows IF she has adult supervision (if your group wants to bring in food/eat together at the venue).  Dancers need to be show ready by 5:15pm sharp each day for the 6pm show.
  • ALL dancers will be released to the front hallway of the venue (near the check-in area).

For 6pm Show:

  • ELITE, ENCORE, & PREMIER dancers arrive at 5:15pm for setup of Dream Duffel, etc. for dances in the 6pm show.
  • OVATION & PRODIGY dancers (for The Family) meet at Check-in area at 5:45pm. Your 6pm show backstage mom (Ryn & Kelly) will meet dancers at the check-in area and escort them backstage. Immediately following The Family/first routine in 6pm show, they will bring them back to check-in area to be released. Dancers should be in costume/stage ready, stretched and ready to dance. (Do not bring Dream Duffel or backpack with you.)
  • As a reminder, parents of those dancers that are only dancing in The Family routine in the 6pm show will not be able to sit in the audience for the performance.   


  • BACKSTAGE MOMS:  If you wish to be backstage during one or both shows, click here to signup to be a Backstage Helper on the FootNotes Signup Genius.  Only moms listed on the FootNotes Signup Genius will be allowed to be backstage.
  • HAIRSTYLE: Dancers should wear the competition hairstyle (middle part, low pony) for all competition routines.  Note that all ballet pieces must have a low bun. Dancers will need to transition their hair from bun to low pony or low pony into a bun depending on where their ballet routine falls within the show order for both Dress Rehearsal on Saturday and Recital on Sunday.   The bun must be a neat, tight bun. Hairnets are encouraged and helpful for quick, neat buns.   Once the ballet piece is complete, dancers will transition their hair back to the low pony.  Bravo, Ovation & Encore can keep hair in bun for Lyrical/Contemporary if it helps with timing between ballet routines. For the younger dancers, the backstage moms will handle this task for the dancers.  For the older dancers, the backstage moms will ‘check’ the dancer’s bun to ensure it is neat and secure.
    • REMINDER: ALL dancers must bring your hair supplies…a comb, hairnet, hairspray, and bobby pins to create the bun.  A flat iron and brush may be needed to get your dancer’s pony straightened after the bun is taken down.
  • MAKE-UP:  Dancers DO NOT need to wear makeup for Dress Rehearsal on Saturday. For Recital on Sunday, dancers must wear full competition makeup including lashes and our competition lipstick color.  There is no need to change the color of lipstick for ballet.

Lastly…Click here to access the Vibe Signup Genius for Recital volunteer opportunities for both parents & dancers including recital/trophy distribution, shout out sales, decorations and clean up. We have a few volunteer jobs that still need to be filled for Recital. Please consider helping out with these remaining tasks.

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