It’s that time…Time to Order Backpacks & Jackets!

Vibe Parents & Dancers,

The Vibe will be placing the ONE TIME PER YEAR order for backpacks and track jackets.

  • The order deadline is Friday, September 29. Both of these items are mandatory for all members.  This post has a lot of details that we need to make you aware of, so please read on…
  • New members, please place your order for both the jacket and backpack using the link at the bottom of the web post.
  • Returning  members, please do an honest assessment of the condition of your backpack, as well as the condition and fit of your dancer’s jacket.  Read on for more details.   Please use the link below to place your order, for the items you wish to purchase this year.
  • Order confirmations are emailed within 24 hours of you submitting your order.  If you do not receive a confirmation, your order was not received.

ALL DANCERS need to click on the link at the bottom of this web post and complete this online order form (even if you are not ordering anything).


Jackets: This retro-style jacket will be white and black, and the back will have the FootNotes Dance logo (red, black and white).  The jacket is available in Youth XS-L and Adult YS-6XL sizes (see size chart below).   It is the parent’s responsibility to select the size they feel would work best for their dancer.    Additionally, you will have the option of adding your dancer’s name on the jacket…see details in the online order form.

  • If you already own last year’s White and Black  jacket style (and it still fits and is in good shape), you are not required to purchase a new jacket for this 2017-2018 dance season.
  • As always, the Vibe jacket is a mandatory item for all Vibe members.  The dancers wear the jackets to both workshops and competitions to establish a more “uniform” appearance, as well as to/from dance practice in the cooler months.  Dancers are also required to wear their jacket whenever onstage during award ceremonies.



To determine jacket size, focus on the bust and waist size for appropriate fit.  Your Group Leader will be in touch with a day and time for dancers to bring in last year’s jackets for try-on for those interested in seeing fit of the jacket.

Backpacks:  The same backpack will be used again this year. This bag is the perfect size to hold ALL of the dancer’s shoes.   The dancers will use this bag for weekly classes, as well as workshops and competitions.  The backpacks will have the FootNotes logo embroidered on the front flap, and your dancer’s name will be embroidered on the side pocket.   Please check your dancer’s backpack to see if it is still in good shape or needs replacing. They are typically ready to be replaced after 2-3 years.

ALL DANCERS need to click on the link below and complete this online order form (even if you are not ordering anything…we need to hear from EVERYONE).  Again, the deadline for submitting your order is Friday, September 29.