Master Calendar Updates!

We have more Calendar Updates to share with you.  These may have been communicated via your Group Mom or Cheryl already, but we wanted to recap them in the web post as well.    Please review the following updates to the Master Calendar.    The updates have been recapped below:

  • Saturday, September 30 
    • FLY Rehearsal (for Tower of Talent) – 2pm – 3pm
  • Sunday, October 1
    • Elizabeth H. Small Group: Choreography – 9am – 4pm
  • Reminder:   BRAVO Tap Choreography WILL also take place this weekend also.   Exact day and time is still to be determined (will be communicated as soon as Cheryl hears from the choreographer).
  • These are the only 3 ‘group’ rehearsals scheduled for the weekend of September 29.  If you are not in one of these 3 group dances above, or you do not have a solo/duo/trio being choreographed that weekend, this is a free weekend.  The placeholder calendar entry for “possible rehearsals” has been removed from the calendar for this weekend.
  • Group Photo Dates have been set.  Cheryl is lining up details with a new photographer.  The date is Sunday, October 22 (exact times and venue to be determined).  Our rain date, if it’s needed, is Saturday, November 11.   You will note that Cheryl is aware that a few people may have a conflict, but there are conflicts with literally every weekend, given the number of dancers we have. These dates worked with the photographer so that is why these dates were selected.