KAR Schedule Updates + Big/Lil Sis Info

KAR has released an updated schedule for this weekend.  Almost all times have changed by a little, so please make sure you grab a new copy.   Please click here to be directed to the latest version of the KAR schedule.   As a reminder, please review the dancer preparation details (highlighted in green in the document), as well as the call times for each group which are listed above each day’s schedule.

Let’s continue to bring our TEAM SPIRIT, and cheer on our girls at our last regional competition!  Thank You to our DANCE MOMS for always being there for our girls and being there for each other. FootNotes provides a uniquely special second family to our dancers, and our dance moms are THE BEST!

Big/Lil Sis Update for KAR

  • It’s that time again…. Competition weekend is right around the corner. Let’s not forget about our fabulous BIG & LITTLES.  Make sure your dancer picks up a pair of white sunglasses and a cut out pink car this Wednesday at the studio (at the front desk).  Dancers need to decorate the sunglasses with anything that they would like to use. Be Creative!
    ~permanent markers
    ~paint pens, etc.

Also, please have your dancer write a good luck note which is to be written on the PINK CAR that your dancer will be picking up with the sunglasses. Have fun creating these, dancers!