COME ALIVE…Recital Info Details

Recital Info for Vibe Dancers…

We wanted to recap recital details for Vibe dancers.   Our 2018 Come Alive Recital Showcase is Sunday, June 3 with shows at 2pm and 7pm at the Infinite Energy Center.   And Dress Rehearsals will be on Saturday, June 2 at 2pm and 7pm.   Click here for Recital Show Order.
  • Arrival Time for ALL Vibe dancers is 12:30pm for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital Day.
  • BRAVO & OVATION do not need to attend the 7pm show’s dress rehearsal, unless you have a non-Vibe class in the 7pm show.  Dancers will not rehearse Production in the 7pm show dress rehearsal.   All dancers will run ballet for the costume change at the 2pm show, but only Elite and Premier will run it at the 7pm show.
  • NOTE:  Dancers at the 2pm show must leave the venue in between the 2 shows at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  Your dancer may stay at the venue in between shows IF she has adult supervision (if your group wants to bring in food/eat together at the venue). Dancers need to be show ready by 6pm sharp each day for the 7pm show.
  • Hairstyle:  High Pony (no French braid in the middle), for both Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  Hair must be straightened.  Hair tie must match your dancer’s hair color (no need to wrap hair around the hair tie).  There should be no part in the dancer’s hair.  For the ballet piece, the dancers will need to have their high pony transitioned into a high bun.  The bun must be a neat, tight bun (NOT messy).
    • Ballet is the first dance of Act 2, so moms need to check/do the bun for your dancer at Intermission (or ask…ahead of time…another mom to do it for you).  For those dancers assisting with rec classes in the 2pm show (Elite and Premier), please start with hair in a straight pony, and have your dancer bring her bun/hair accessories with them so that your dancer can stay with her assigned rec dancer group, and get her hair transitioned into and out of the bun at the appropriate time.  Your dancer’s hair should be in a bun for the least amount of time to avoid crimping the pony.   See Group Mom email for further details on this.
  • Makeup:  On Saturday for the Dress Rehearsal, light makeup is acceptable/full stage makeup is not required.  On Sunday for the Recital, dancers must wear full competition makeup.   This includes lashes and our competition lipstick color.  There is no need to change it for ballet.      
  • Vibe Dancers will assist with escorting rec dancers to their appropriate rooms, etc. at both the Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  Some Elite and Premier dancers will be assisting with the rec classes at the 2pm show (a list of rec class assignments will be sent out this coming week.)  Dancers are to check-in with Christy as soon as they arrive.

Let’s all work together to make our COME ALIVE Recital Showcase be our best recital yet!