Ricky Maalouf Coming in January!

Ricky Maalouf (one of our hip hop choreographers) will be back at FootNotes on Saturday, January 12.  This date is also Hair and Make-up weekend, so it should already be ‘saved’ on your calendar….it is important to keep both Saturday and Sunday (January 12 and 13) available on your calendar for the entire day.  Ricky will conduct a Master Class for ALL Vibe dancers, and he will rehearse the pieces that he choreographed for Vibe this year (Ovation & Premier Hip Hop dance and Elite Hip Hop dances).  This is considered a mandatory Master Class workshop and rehearsal.  His schedule for that Saturday will be worked around the Hair and Make-up activities for each group.  Some hair and make-up activities may be moved to Sunday based on his schedule, so that is why it is important to keep both days available on your calendar.  There will be a fee for the Master Class, and it will be communicated once his schedule is finalized.  The Master Calendar has been updated with a placeholder for the Master Class and Rehearsals.

You will note that the Master Classes will be offered/open to non-Vibe dancers. As always, please make sure that we welcome all dancers into our studio for this amazing day of hip hop.