Competition Tights Info Now Available…

The Competition Tights information by group has been added to the Shoe & Tights Buying Guide web page.  Click here to access the webpage (competition tights link added at bottom of the web page).  These are listed by your dancer’s group.

A few reminders:

1. These tights are to be used for competition ONLY and should not be worn in class.
2. Please double check the COLOR when ordering online. Sometimes the link provided may automatically select the incorrect color.
3. It is a good idea to start the season with 3 pair of each tight type needed. You should have at least 2 pair in your bag on every day of competition.

Please have tights in hand by Monday, January 20.

Note to ELITE and PREMIER dancers in the Musical Theater (Thataway!) piece…Cheryl is waiting on the costume to be delivered to determine if different tights and shoes are needed.  We will update you as soon as this information is available.